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Hi, I am Dildabek! Glad to meet you! Welcome to our beautiful country - Kazakhstan. 

I am member of a network of independent tour guides, and CBT (community based tourism) offers in South Kazakhstan. I am native Kazakh and proud of my Homeland and its great History. I would like to give to the guests an in-depth knowledge of our national culture and its spirituality; ancient and recent.  I would like to bring, not only the local point-of-view to the discussion, but also give life to facts, legends and stories that have come down through the ages. 

Together with my family I actively learn our Homeland. I believe that knowledge of History and love of Nature help us to better understand ourselves and others. Therefore, I am always ready to welcome new guests.  

We are the children of one Mother - Earth. Expand your consciousness!  The past is connected to today! 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I have 25 years of experience in the field of international relations. I have studied myself history of Kazakhstan, national culture and literature. Many years engaged in historical research and ethnography of Turkic and Kazakh people. Also I am interesting in Kazak national verbal storytelling and folklore, especially folk traditions and customs. Knowledge of world history allows me to draw historical parallels and interesting informative talks about historical facts and events. My long-time passion for Oriental philosophy and poetry (Omar Khayyam, H.Ahmed Yassavi, Jami, Navoi, Ferdowsi, Abai) also helps me in everyday work as guide. I also enjoy mountain hiking and truly love and understand the mountains and nature. I am actively hiking and leading my guests into the mountains of Trans-Ili and Talass Alatau of Western Tien Shan, combining it with my current job. Moreover, I have many years of car driving experience in Almaty, Almaty region and South Kazakhstan. Working as personal guide, I use my personal car. I am trying constantly to find the new and interesting places and tours not only in Kazakhstan but also throughout Central Asia. 

Country: Kazakhstan

Destination countries: Kazakhstan

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Everything perfect!

Technical - Punctual at the appointment and high quality of vehicle. Good and attentive driving over long distances.

Cultural - Dildabek is extremely knowledgeable about the places we visited - more important, he is passionate about the history and culture of Kazakkhstan, and he loves to share fascinating stories and insights - the history, the steppe, the people, the mountain, the music the culture and lifestyle - historic and contemporary.

Personal - Flexibe in adapting the tour to our needs

Places of interest - Turkistan is truly majestic, rivalling the monuments in Samarkand but without the tourist backdrop (in Turkistan there are many pilgrims and few tourists). Definitely worth the journey.

Terry about listing one day visit to Turkestan from Shymkent 2 months ago.

Dildabek is a very fascinating man and a great tour guide. He took me from my hotel in Shymkent to Taraz and still managed to show me Aisha bibi and a few of the sites of ancient Taraz despite our short time frame. He is very knowledgeable about Kazakhstan and I learnt a lot along the way. Due to the brief shutting of the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan I was unable to meet my next guide as he could not leave Kyrgyzstan, so Dildabek worked hard with my hotel to arrange alternate transport for me to the border, where I would meet my Kyrgyzstan guide. I appreciate the effort he made so I could make it to my next destination on time. I can definitely recommend Dildabek for your South Kazakhstan tours.


What an extraordinary time I had with Dildabek!! A man of great wisdom, knowledge and passion for his home country and people. I have seen much, experienced and learnt much and have much to think about!! I was not just a tour but an education and a journey within myself. Thank you again


Dildabek knows and loves sharing his knowledge on Kazakhstan, from which you can get very deeply into this vast country. His two-day tour on the ancient cities (Turkistan, Sauran, Otrar) is totally worth the price.



Dildabek is a very intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly and professional guide. We had a fun and interesting day trip with him and I would highly recommend his services.


Dildabek is a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide around South Kazakhstan. We recommend his services.

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