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Hello everyone.

 My name is Adalet,from Azerbaijan. Me and my team working for our guests.

.We have tours:

.Baku(museums,nices places,nightlife)


.Nature and mountains( Waterfalls, Baba dag, Tufan dag,Silent lake..)


.Around country(iranian border,georgian border..)

and we have contacts with Hotels.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am so energic and social. I love to play Nard. My hobby is learn other languages.

Country: Azerbaijan

Services in: Azerbaijan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 5

3 open listings

4 received reviews (100% positive, 4/4)


Everything went smoothly, thanks a lot. Adalet was really kind, his playlist in the car made our day. He was attentive and did his best to provide the best experience in what we wanted to see


Adalet is superb as a tour guide. He is a very very nice person, very friendly and accommodating. He always make sure that we are okay, we are safe. He makes a way to talk to the hotel staff and to everyone whom we deal with. He showed us the best of Baku and he even stayed with us till early morning without complaining. He is very flexible and responsive to all our requests. We enjoyed our Baku experience because of him. Thanks bro!

Danny about listing AZERBAIJAN TRIP by SIBS 13 days ago.
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Adalet was a great guide that will go out of his way to make sure you have a great time! Thank you for everything!

Mohammad about listing Baku 4 day trip 2 months ago.

What can I say, Adalet was an incredible tour guide, host, and most of all friend. Group tours have a timely schedule and will try to get you to buy from shops they have agreements with. Not with Adalet. He is honest, patient, and his main concern is showing you the best of his country while ensuring you are enjoying every moment.

Cultured, well-informed, and cheerful, do not hesitate to ask him for anything. Asked him to pull over hundreds of times to snap a picture of the landscape? No problem! My friend was flying out and needed a suitcase in short notice. Adalet delivered. We forgot to pick up tea and honey on our way back from Khinalug. You guessed it, Adalet delivered!

I had a flight to catch on my last day but there were still a few places I wished to check out. Leave it to this guy. I hit him up and he was in front of my hostel in 15 minutes (talk about swift timing). From 9:00 am until 7:00 pm Adalet went over and beyond. From the Candy Cane Mountains to Gobustan National Reserve, Mud Volcanoes, Masazir Salt Lake, Yanar Dag to the Ateshgah Fire Temple. There was also plenty of time for him to take me to his favourite restaurant and welcomed me with tea in his lovely home before dropping me off to the airport.

Thank you for everything and shad oldum!

isam about listing min payment 3 months ago.

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