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Adilet, Guide&Driver with car

My name is Adilet  and I am a reliable and responsible young guy who enjoys people's company and committed to take good care of my guests. I have travelled a lot myself in Europe and I know the feeling of being in a foreign country. Caring and helping my guests (who became my friends eventually) have made my travels exciting and enjoyable. I am ready to offer caring hospitality during your stay in Kyrgyzstan. I am flexible and open for tour content.

I speak English and always have my translator available if needed. I am available as an individual guide and/or car&driver provider.

I play football regularly and enjoy sports. I am your tour guide to introduce to national Kyrgyz sports, local marathons, local lifestyle unexplored or just chilling out in green valleys with fresh barbecue local way.

 In Finnish: Haluan toivotta tervetuloaksi Kirgisiaan. Olen valmis pitämään teistä huolta koko matkanne ajan ja näyttä paikallisia nähtävyyksiä sekä tavallisten ihmisten elämä maaseuduilla ja vuorilla. Olen kokenut matkustaja ja tulen hyvin toimeen eri ihmisten kanssa. Olen valmis esittämään paikallista ruokakultturia, grillausta vuorilla ja kokemaan miten vuoristo kansat asuvat tänään. Minulla on Subaru Forester auto ja varmistan että teillä on aina turvallinen kyyti ja kuljetukset. Olen saatavilla oppaana sekä että auto&kuljettaja palveluna.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Football , Travelling and Sustainable Tourism

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 7

4 open listings

5 received reviews (100% positive, 5/5)


Adilet is an amazing, responsible, friendly driver and guide. Even before our trip started, he was always responsive, very quick in messages and provided with lot of information/ recommendations.

He was super punctual and very helpful during the trip. He took us to the best local restaurants and also willing to hear our feedback in every single step.

We felt really safe, welcoming, friendly and happy during the trip. A big part of it is because of Adilet. If we go to Kyrgyzstan again, undoubtedly, we will still choose Adilet !! Thank you for making our trip amazing !

Suba about listing 5 days trip Kyrgyzstan 9 months ago.
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Adilet was a safe , responsible , trustworthy and on time driver. we really enjoyed his company and he took us to some great local restaurants to try the best local food. We had a good time with him and trust him completely. He took very good care of me and helped me a lot. Thank you Adilet!!

Hali about listing Kyrgyzstan 10 months ago.
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Adilet really made my trip awesome. Being a solo traveler visiting Kyrgyzstan for the first time, Adilet really adapted the schedule and dedicated his time to ensure I had a great time. We visited Burana Tower, tried the local cuisine up in the mountains, wandered around the Osh Bazaar and had a short hike experience in Ala Archa national park.

Adilet speaks multiple languages, including English. I would strongly recommend Adilet for your tours in and around Kyrgyzstan! :)

Anton about listing 2 days tour with Anton 10 months ago.
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Thanks Adilet for the awesome trip, enjoyed a lot and the planning was awesome 9 days will be unforgettable.

Take care man and be in touch always..............

hitesh about listing Hitesh Khirodkar -- Adilet 11 months ago.
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Sung Do

Trip with Adilet was wonderful. Very kind and trustworthy. Despite the delay of my previous schedule, he arranged smoothly and drove safely.

Handsome and friendly guide.

Thanks Adilet. I hope your health and happiness.

Sung Do about listing Karakol to bishkek on 14 Aug 11 months ago.

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