I studied tourism in Mongolian Tourism Institute in 2000. I have been doing tour guiding and tour business for 18 years. I love to travel and so far I have traveled to over 30 countries and visited all the 21 provinces of Mongolia. I did volunteer work in Russia for 2 years as well.

One of my “biggest” customers was a group of Smithsonian scientists from the USA who came to study Deer Stones in Mongolia for 10 years once per summer. Based on my personal experience and observing the clients' I decided to choose work with special interest visitors as private groups including a professional photographer, filmmaker, history and culture lovers.

Also, my intention turned to eco-friendly and community-based tours such as hiking, horseback riding, camel riding, media and art projects with nomadic culture experiencing trips. It does not have to be a rural tourism or sacrificing your comfort. I like to provide safety and comfortable stay to our clients while experiencing cultural trips all over Mongolia. So, we organize:

  • Private cultural tours explore Mongolian local nomadic life with beautiful and famous landscapes
  • Multi-Activity tours of small groups or families that include cycling, hiking, and horse trekking
  • Wildlife observing, fly fishing in mountain streams for catch and release
  • Visit local festivals including Naadam and Eagle Festival and many other

He believes in his strength of experiences to do more and better services to make customers stay happy.

We have a great network in most of the Mongolian provinces as local families and local authorities and tour guides we share our knowledge and experience and enjoy working with them. I love my county and love to share our tradition, culture, knowledge and history with foreign people.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Skills: Tour guide, teaching, teamwork, managing, organizing, computer, English and Russian speaking Interests: Travel and tourism, art and culture, volunteering, and history Hobbies: Reading, soccer, swimming, movies, pop and classical music, and sketching

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 15

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