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Country: United Arab Emirates

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

About my trip: Hello, Can you please suggest a plan? For two people total. We will arrive at Bishkek at 1500 pm on August 13 and we will depart in the morning of August 17. These are the places we want to visit: Alamedin Ala archa Ozer song kel Essyk kul Ala archa I do NOT want to see Burana tower. The first day, August 13, we will stay in Bishkek and sleep in Bishkek. I already have the reservation for the hotel 1 night in Bishkek. On August 14, early morning we will be ready to start the tour. We like green mountains and mountain gorges for photos. We also like to do a little bit of horse riding (not more than 2 hours). We do NOT want trekking or hiking, just light walking (not more than 30 minutes in each location) to take photos and go back to the car. We will spend the first night, August 13, in Bishkek. After that we don’t know if we need to reserve hotel somewhere else? Please suggest a plan. We need a driver who can take pics of us with our phone. We also must have private shower and private toilet. We don’t want to hike or walk far. We mostly want to get out of the car, walk a little bit, take photos and go see other places. I am popular on social media so having photos with nice background is very important to me.

Travel month: August 2019

Number of days: 3

Number of persons: 2

Status: Booked

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Last seen 6 months ago