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My name is Aidana and I love Kyrgyzstan. I have finished university in Bishkek. My major is World Economics. I was an 1 year as an exchange student in Germany and travel around Europe as well. From that time I was passionate about traveling. When I come back to Bishkek I had a choice to work in the finance sphere or in tourism. I chose tourism. First-year I work as a travel agent and guide and after I decided to be a freelance guide. Now I am working as a freelance guide for 2 years.

What do I like about my country?

It is hospitality.
As far I know, for me when I travel I take attention to people that live there and their attitude to you. In Kyrgyzstan, our culture of hospitality is very important and you can see when you travel around Kyrgyzstan. Most of the people are simple and always glad to help. Once with tourists, we stopped in one yurt, where we saw few children playing and their parents that prepared a typical Kyrgyz dish with meat and when we stopped children were really happy to see tourists and parents start to invite to the yurt to give us tea. We entered a yurt and they gave us soured cream and fried dough with fermented mare's milk and they asked some questions about tourists like where they are from? Do they like traveling around Kyrgyzstan. After leaving yurt tourists and I had a big impression of how these people were nice and like to see us. This is not only one story. There are also a lot of different stories.

Organic food
When you come to Kyrgyzstan. The majority lives in villages and have own garden where they grow vegetable and fruits and most of the tourists have a chance to visit local houses and eat a traditional meal in local houses and mostly they give the meal that was made from vegetables that were grown in their garden and taste of vegetables is so delicious. In addition, in Kyrgyzstan, we have one of the most beautiful lakes that are Sary - Chelek where you can find apple trees that were originated there and also in forest Arslanbob you can find originated walnuts.

Beautiful nature
You can see different videos and also pictures nature of Kyrgyzstan. There are amazing mountains that have good trekking trails for trekkers, canyons, lakes. While traveling around Kyrgyzstan you can see different landscapes at different altitudes. Different flowers on different altitudes. And mountains are different in every season. For example, in summer it is green, in winter it is snowy, in autumn it is red and in springtime a lot of flowers.

Tours that I offer:

There are different tours that I can offer. Mainly is cultural tours in which you are going to visit highlights of Kyrgyzstan. There can be a chance to see an eagle hunting show, felt carpet show, cooking master class and as well as beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains. And also meet local people and know about the life of local people. Also, you can have a tour that is a mixture of culture and trekking, horse-riding.
In winter I also offer a tour of skiing or a beautiful mountain place to visit in a winter. However, these tours will not be just typical tours. I know that as a tourist people would like to have the best experience of eating good food, buying souvenirs. I will try to do my best to help you have an unforgettable meal in Kyrgyzstan and help to take something special from country that will remind Kyrgyzstan of your whole life.

Kyrgyzstan is a small country but a lot to discover. Come here to find new places and open for yourself a new co

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Regarding my hobbies: 1) I am a basketball player. I play basketball already 10 years and love it very much. Because of my skills of that were taken from basketball training I can skiing, horse-riding, trekking to mountains easily. 2) Because I was a sportsman in my school and university days. Now I decided to be more elegant and go to Latino dance (bachata, salsa, and kizomba). 3) I like traveling and travel once a year to different countries and also learn about tourism in other countries and take some inspiration from there.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 2

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Missing John

Aidana was my guide to Bishkek and the nearby Kyrgyzstan mountains. She was an excellent guide to the city - very knowledgeable about the sights and their history, and knew the best cafes and hidden places. She was communicative and a good companion, and spoke nearly perfect English. Likewise, she was a brilliant guide to the mountain hiking trails of the Ala-Archa region - she guided me along the canyon trails up to the snowy high ground with spectacular views of the forests, mountains and icy waterfalls. I strongly recommend the experience!

Missing Baskhar

I and my spouse have had the beautiful experience of spending a few days with my guide Ms. Aidana, who was our guide during our recent visit to Kyrgyzstan.

I have never had a guide so decent and knowledgeable (having traveled to 118 countries) and she went all out to make this trip to Kyrgyzstan a real pleasure for me and my spouse.

I would wish her all success in life, so that she can help other tourists and travelers like she helped us.

Would feel pleasure to recommend her for your upcoming trips and explore this beautiful country along with her superb guidance.

Missing Jasmin

Aidana was such a great and kind guide, even after 1000+ questions of us willing to share all her knowledge, kindness and patience, always focusing on our ‚needs‘ as tourists in this amazing and beautiful country. Thanks to her we got to know Kyrgystan in a very special and great way. This woman is just amazing and it was an honor to meet her!

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