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I would love to welcome you to the amazing country of Kyrgyzstan my second home.  My name is Alex and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin United States and I have been working in Kyrgyzstan as a guide/tour leader and previously a Peace Corps Volunteer developing tourism since 2014. I speak almost fluent Kyrgyz and I’m able to build you custom-made program to your liking.

  • If you like self-driving jeep tours rent one of my Russian Buhankas 4x4 Camper Vans in Bishkek which are great for the Pamir Highway the M41.
  • If you love trekking I know the best places from first-hand account and I can set you up with the right guide and permits needed.
  • If you are interested in getting close to Kyrgyz culture you can trust me and my relationships with my local guides to show you the most authentic places and people.
  • If you are ready to ski bottomless powder here in Kyrgyzstan from Yurts in the backcountry I'm able to make it happen for you.
  • If you like discovering new places I would love to be your guide and we can make a plans to explore the most remote places in Central Asia.
  • Just picture yourself ski touring from Yurts in the backcountry with bottomless power.
  • Picture yourself opening the doors of your UAZ Buhanka camper van to put on your skins to guide yourself.

Any time is a great time to come to Kyrgyzstan and let me help you make it unforgettable!

Let's find where the road ends and the adventure begins!



My skills, interests, and hobbies: My Interests: Shooting film, there is so much to shoot in Kyrgyzstan! My hobbies: Trekking to Ala Kol, biking around Suong Kul, ski touring in Issky-Kul, listening to podcasts, spending time in my garden in Bishkek, and updatting my Buhankas.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

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We had an amazing time driving around with a brand new Buhanka in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Alex and Vlad provided us with lots of information and great tips for our trip. The van was super comfortable, easy to drive, great to sleep in and it took us to the most beautiful and desolated places. Would loooooove to come back and can recommend this to everyone - great way to experience absolute freedom.

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Everything was great!! Alex is the best! He helped us a lot with planing, gear and advice making the trip an unforgettable experience.

Franz about listing Self Driving Camper Van UAZ Buhanka 452 16 days ago.
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Fantastic guide! Could not have chosen a better person to show me the surroundings of Bishkek/Kyrgizstan! All the best to you & Dina, Alex!

Per about listing Bishkek tour the 28th of May 22 days ago.

Renting the UAZ Bukhanka from Alex and Vlad was a great experience. The Van has taken us everywhere possibly imaginable, it is a machine, comfortable and very robust. Adding a great sense of adventure to your trip. You can only reach some places with such type of transport.

But it's not only the transport you are paying for, it's a whole package, with the van it comes the experience of Alex and Vlad, who will recommend you nice spots to visit, nice treks to do.

I would highly recommend renting a Bukhanka on your trip to Kyrgyztan. Just remember it is important that you have basic knowledge of mechanics and if travelling by yourself maybe consider taking a satelite phone with you, as Kyrgyztan is a remote country, where you might not see people for days. For us this was a big plus as it just made the trip 100% adventure.

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I had an enjoyable trip with Alex during my visit to Kyrgyzstan.

his indepth knowledge of the region, his fluency in the local language and his care of me during the travel really enhances the whole travel experience.

We had a wonderful time roaming the country, visit the local homes and witnessing beautiful scenery.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone would wants to have a unique experience in KYrgyzstan.


My entire experience in Kyrgyzstan was enhanced by meeting Alex and the guys at Indy Guide. Alex goes out of his way to be helpful and informative at every available opportunity. Will have fond memories for life. The 8 day tour was such an amazing positive and importantly immersive experience.

Dan about listing Border Zone Permits in Kyrgyzstan 1 month ago.
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We are building connections with communities in the Tian Shan mountains, one of the amazing connections we've made with with Alex. He's been incredibly helpful with connecting us to local guides, organising border zone permits and guesthouse accommodation. If you're looking at heading to Kyrgyzstan contacting him should be your first step.

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Goodbye Kyrgyzstan! I really liked it here.

Goodbye Alex! You put together a fantastic program for us, and impressed me day after day with your extremely positive mood and knowledge about both country and people. I hope we may share some more Kyrgyz adventures!

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Everything was great! Do not go to Kyrgyzstan without talking to Alex. He knows all the good places and is super helpful at all times, he speaks the local languages and seems to know everything and every part of Kyrgystan. We rented a Buhanka from him and this is a great car (if not the best) to explore Kyrgyzstan with. So make sure to contact Alex if you plan on going to Kyrgyzstan.

Joris about listing Self Driving Camper Van UAZ Buhanka 452 8 months ago.
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We have rent the new Buhanka from Alex for 9 days.

We went from Bishkek to Tajikistan and the trip has been absolutely great! The 2017 Buhanka is a strong russian car, perfect for the bad roads of Tajikistan. Sleeping inside the Buhanka on the Pamir Highway has been an especial experience!

Alex has been very kind with us and provides us everything we needed (blankets, dishes and other stuff, tools for the car security...), we certainly contact him again in our next trip in Central Asia!

Thank you Alex, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Luana about listing UAZ Buhanka Self Drive 4x4 9 months ago.
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