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Hi my guest!

Im a mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan and I live in Karakol city on north of my country. All trip adventures beginning from this area. I spend most of my time on outside because I love wild nature and mountain activities.  I founded my own travel company 5 years ago and it is working well today. But I'm still working like a guide with my friends. Your trip will 100% discover and fun adventures with our team.

 Will very happy to help you and meet you in nomad's land.


Guide life

My skills, interests, and hobbies: - Drive to 4x4 cars. - Horse games and horseback trips. - Freeride skiing. - Judo

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 7

12 open listings

7 received reviews (100% positive, 7/7)

Missing Michèle

Nous avons eu la chance d’effectuer un merveilleux voyage en Kirghizie avec Akai comme guide. La réussite et l’intérêt de ce voyage lui en revient entièrement.

Passionné par son métier, il a su nous faire découvrir de magnifiques paysages très variés mais aussi la vie des nomades, les traditions toujours très vivantes de son pays. Partout l’accueil a été très chaleureux, les hébergements et les repas que ce soit chez l’habitant ou dans de petits hôtels ont été de grands moments de bonheur.

Si vous aimez la nature et les modes de vie pas encore agressés par la vie dite moderne, alors allez vite découvrir ce beau pays ! Un très très grand merci à Akai.

Michèle et Pierre


We did a 12 day tour organized by Akai in September that included 3 days at the World Nomad Games, 2 days trekking up to Ala Kol Lake, 3 days horse trekking through Jety-Oguz and a 2 day trek/yurt stay in Song Kul. The itinerary that Akai prepared for us was wonderful, we got to see and do a lot in a short amount of time! Akai has a good sense of humor and is knowledgeable about Kyrgyzstan and sharing about Kyrgyz culture! I thought that the accommodation that he chose for us was really nice as well as the dinners! Akai was with us for the first three days of our tour and then his colleague, Aza, was with us for the remainder of the time for all of our trekking. Aza was really friendly and served us well.

While our experience was overall positive, and we LOVED Kyrgyzstan, there are some things that I think need to be considered by potential clients and hopefully improved upon for Akai and his guide service in order to better accommodate future clients.

Professionalism in the areas of punctuality, reliability, communication with colleagues, and general preparedness are things that I think were lacking and recommend be improved upon.

For example, there were two couples in our group and Akai agreed to pick us up at the airport at arrival, which both parties confirmed a couple of days beforehand. The first group who arrived earlier than us he did not arrive at all for resulting in them taking a taxi and for us he was late. This was a poor first impression and was a stressful situation considering that when we arrived we didn't have phone service to contact him and didn't know what hotel we were staying at. We were heckled by taxi drivers and thankfully a local person did help us contact him at the airport to confirm that he was indeed coming, though over a half an hour late. Our group was rather disappointed by this situation. Also, there was another time when we confirmed a pick up time and he arrived almost an hour later. I think it is important to know that when catering to western tourist especially, that being punctual and reliable is very important.

When it came to communication with his colleague Aza and the preparedness of Aza for our tour, we found out that Aza was not thoroughly informed about our itinerary (he asked to see my print out) and he had not actually done our particular Song Kul trek before guiding us on it. I confirmed our tour six months before going on the trip, so there was more than enough time to have his colleague prepared and experienced with our itinerary. Aza had to stop and ask locals on our way to Song Kul where to go and what the path was. Aza did a great job improvising and leading us in spite of this, but I found it a bit frustrating because when I pay for a guide the expectation is that they are familiar and have experience with the itinerary. I think because of this I did not enjoy myself as fully as I could have because I didn't feel safe or comfortable enough.

Another thing is the driving. If Akai can provide vehicles with seatbelts that would be great. We found the driving in Kyrgyzstan a bit scary and at least having cars with seatbelts would help increase that sense of safety for clients.

So overall, we had an amazing time in Kyrgyzstan and everything ended up working out even though there were mishaps along the way. I think Akai's strengths are his knowledge of the country and friendliness. I think that if he improves his professionalism in the areas I mentioned then I would highly recommend him and his business would be perfect, however, from my experience at the moment I would recommend with some caution depending on what is important to you out of a guide service.

Megan about listing Hiking/riding trip with Nomads Games 2 years ago.

Everything smoothly. We planned a six days tour through Kyrgyzstan from Karakol to Osh and we have been really satisfied. even if we organized everything with Akai, Asamat, his elder brother, has been our guide. He has been really available, discrete and well prepared. He is a real professional driver indeed he could manage the driving on any kind of road. We’d recommend this to anybody interested in stunning Kyrgyzstan.

Pietro about listing From Karakol border to Osh full board 2 years ago.
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All the things William explains in his review are thru. Mirjam (my wife) and I have the same experience.

We are a little older and more experienced but never the less Akai provided us with "the trip of our lifetime"!

On top of that, Akai is fun and inspiring person. He even got us horseback riding!

Meinderd about listing Combined trip from Karakol to Osh 2 years ago.

Akai is a fantastic guide, he has many years of experience within hospitality and has a lot of knowledge about Kyrgyzstan and it's history. Throughout our journey, Akai would always explain to me the different places we were passing or visiting and at times introduced me to locals so I really gained a deep insight into the culture and spirit of the country I am travelling.

Akai also speaks very good English and French so communication was always very clear. But what stood out for me personally about Akai is his high energy and sense of joy/humour. I had so much fun on this road trip and that was largely because of Akai's personality. It was a total adventure filled with epic scenery, thrilling activities and a lot of great laughs along the way!

As I was travelling alone, therefore it was most of the time just Akai and I, so I got to know him well. I can honestly say from my experience that Akai is a good man, and a true nomad!

William about listing GREAT_CROSS_TO_KYRGYZSTAN_7D 2 years ago.

Thanks for Akai's fantastic plan in Kyrgyzstan visiting with the most local way, hiking, horse riding and skiing. The guest house he arranged is warm and comfortable. He is also willing to share his personal opinion and have great talk from different culture background. And, good driver. Unforgettable memories we create there.

Mika about listing TRIP TO KARAKOL - SPRING TIME 2 years ago.
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Missing Francis


j’ai eu l’occasion de visiter une partie du Kirghizistan en 4X4 en aout 2017 accompagné de notre guide Akay et j’ai été tellement satisfait de sa prestation que je tiens à vous en faire part afin de vous permettre d’enrichir votre offre auprès de vos clients.

Nous étions 4 voyageurs plus notre guide Akay avec lequel nous avons visité la capitale Bishkeck. Nous avons fait le tour du lac Issy Kul et dormi en Yourte en passant par le lac Son Kul qui est magnifique. Nous avons ensuite contourné le lac Yssi Kul en direction de l’est vers Karakol en passant par de magnifiques paysages montagneux et des cols de hautes altitudes et enfin regagner Bishkeck pour terminer notre road trip en 10 jours.

Tout a été parfait : Akay est francophone, pour des Français, c’est très important. En plus il est sympathique et toujours de bonne humeur ! L’hôtellerie est parfaite que ce soit en maison d’hôte chez l’habitant ou en hôtel. Pour la restauration: idem, il y avait même trop à manger et la nourriture était bonne. Le 4X4 était propre et confortable avec de l’eau minérale à volonté pendant le voyage. Je remercie Akay pour son professionnalisme car il a organisé lui même un road trop de qualité.

Je vous joints quelques photos de mon voyage.

Cordialement, Francis

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