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We are Alexandra and Ati, co-founders of Indy Guide. We are a married couple who share a passion for travelling, especially through Central Asia and Mongolia. Ati is a Kazakh raised in Switzerland. Alex was born in Switzerland but is originally from Austria.

Why Central Asia and Mongolia?

We are a couple who share the passion for travelling, especially through Central Asia and Mongolia. The idea for Indy Guide was created during our travels in this region and out of passion. We fell instantly in love with the countries and the people. The nature is breathtaking, the wildlife is fascinating and the people are caring. Our goal is to show the beauty of this often forgotten part of the world and help travellers experience the heartwarming hospitality of the people here.

When looking for a destination off the beaten track, look no further an Central Asia & Mongolia. On our regular travels through Asia we experienced the country as well as the people of Central Asia & Mongolia and instantly fell in love with the amazing culture and overwhelming hospitality of the region’s exceptional people. This often forgotten part of the world has so much to offer such as the hirstory and culture of the magical Silk Road cities, beautiful landscapes, a breadth of wildlife, as well as fascinating people and their nomadic lifestyles. 

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