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Hi everyone! I'm an English speaking driver & tour guide in one of the most beautiful country in the world... Kyrgyzstan!

I also have a Certificate in Offroad driving. And Certificate from  " Indy Guide "

I will help you to organise an unforgettable trip. Mountains, nomadic culture... etc. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: 15 years working as a tour guide, 25 years as a driver, 2011 winner of international guide competition. My passion is offroad driving and expeditions.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

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We rented Alexey's SUV for 3 weeks Self drive and found it a brilliant way to travel the county.

With Alexey he won't only give you his vehicle but also his advice. Before we left he ran through our itinerary and suggested some alteration where sensible. If you didn't have your own itinerary I'm sure he'd help produced one as a tour guide he certainly know the country well.

He also organized a local SIM card for us, this way we could keep in contact during our trip and call him for advice or to translate. A useful helpline which we used occasionally.

The SUV certainly has a lot of character and the driving itself becomes part of the experience. Having a 4x4 allowed us to explore further and it handled the terrain very well making it through mud, rivers and mountains.

Organising the rental with Alexey though Indy guide was a very easy and professional process. We would recommend anyone visiting Kyrgyzstan use Alexey, our experience was definitely enhanced by meeting him.

Adam about listing SUV self drive rental 11 months ago.
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With Alexey (and his Landcruiser) we had two great weeks in Kirgystan. Alexey knows his country in many respects very well, is reliable and flexible and extremely likeable. He has a big wealth of experience and a good network, which is very helpful to plan and to realize changing travel plans.

The long car rides over land are a pleasure thanks to his driving skills, his ability to foresee potholes before you can see them and his comfortable car. Not a second we felt unsafe and Alexey managed every situation on our 3.000 km trip perfectly.

Also his culinary advices, which dish you should order in which region, are always useful (see photo with Alexey, my wife and my daughters, special cold soup in Karakol) and all the little stories and anecdotes enrich the trip very much.

Alexey made us enjoy our great family journey with a perfect mixture of proximity and distance, we always felt to be in good hands without feeling pressured.

We are happy that we found Alexey via indyguide and would book him again assuredly. We can recommend Alexey 100%.

Hope to see you again

Martin with Heike Ilva Marie from Germany

martin about listing Offroad tours in Kyrgyzstan 2 years ago.

We met Alexey in Bishkek in April 2017. He is experienced, a funny and reliable guy and speaks English.

Ati about listing Offroad tours in Kyrgyzstan 3 years ago.

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