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I would love to welcome you to the amazing country of Kyrgyzstan my second home.  My name is Alex and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin United States and I have been working in Kyrgyzstan as a tour leader and previously a Peace Corps Volunteer developing tourism since 2014. I speak almost fluent Kyrgyz and I’m able to build you custom-made program.

- If you love trekking I know the best places from first-hand account and I can set you up with the right guide and permits needed.
- If you are interested in getting close to Kyrgyz culture you can trust me and my relationships with my local guides to show you the most authentic places and people.
- If you like self-driving jeep tours rent one of my Russian Buhankas 4x4 Camper Vans in Bishkek.
- If you are ready to ski bottomless powder here in Kyrgyzstan from Yurts in the backcountry I'm able to make it happen for you.
- Any time is a great time to come to Kyrgyzstan and let me help you make it unforgettable!

Take a look at my top 10 Reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan
Let's find where the road ends and the adventure begins!


My skills, interests, and hobbies: My hobbies: Trekking to Ala Kol, biking around Suong Kul, ski touring in Issky-Kul, spending time in my garden in Bishkek, and updating my Buhankas.

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 5

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Everything went as planned. Alex provided a lot of useful support before and during the trip. We rented his vintage Buhanka for 18 days and had an amazing time. The car however is definitely not for everybody. It takes time to get used to and to love this car. It is very basic and lots of dust get into the car all the time.


Our journey to Kyrgyztan was amazing! Many thanks to Alex and Mirbek, our highly reliable contact person and guide. We just loved the whole trip, most of all beautiful Kol Suu and Son Kul...we really had some breathtaking moments there!

Mirbek was the perfect guide for us! He is a really funny and great guy, he is open-minded and he knows many things about the country, history, nature, people...

We hope he'll be happy with his future little family. :D

And furthermore, without the amazing support of Alex the journey would never have become such a great one! Keep it coming! Thank you Alex!

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My family, all five of us, including three children, 12 11 and 11, hired a UAZ buhanka for six days to drive around Issy-Kul. We had a great time enjoying the independence and freedom the UAZ buhanka gave us. The children loved the van, watching the stunning, countryside pass by the window, then setting up camp in some secluded spot.

Alex was a fantastic host, giving us the security that he was behind the scenes and available if anything, as to go amiss.

The holiday flew by, and my family have fallen in love with the UAZ and Kyrgyzstan. We will be back!

Jonathan about listing 2 vans 1 month ago.
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We rented a UAZ Buhanka VAN for 2 weeks from Alex and had an amazing trip trough kyrgyzstan!

Alex is a very kind and friendly person and is able to give great tips for your tour, because he knows the country and people very well. He is also able to get you a border permit and special equipment like for examle a WiFi Router, if you need this.

If you would have any problems or just questions on your trip, you can contact him and he will help you immediately.

The VAN was in a very good condition and customized with love, so that you can sleep in it really comfortable. Also the equipment which comes with the VAN was very good!

Driving the Buhanka is great fun and it is kind of a door-opener if you arrive somewhere, because the locals are always interested in the VAN and will start a conversation with you.

We can highly recommend the rent from Alex because you´ll get more than just a VAN!

We definately want to come back ans discover more places in the beautiful kyrgyzstan!

Jan about listing Self Driving Camper Van UAZ Buhanka 452 2 months ago.

Everything was really mesmirizing

Mirbek is good & knowledgeable



Jeevan about listing Custom Trip to Kyrgyzstan for Jeevan 2 months ago.

Dear Alex and team,

Thanks again for the good care, the support during the preparations and the trip itself. This has certainly contributed to a carefree and unforgettable holiday in Kyrgyzstan. The knowledge of the country and the advice about route choice are highly appreciated and have yielded beautiful adventures and photos, but also good food and good places to sleep. For anyone who is planning to discover Kirchizie and wants to be free in safety, I highly recommend organizing this with Alex and his team. The Buhankas were comfortable, well-equipped and a great travel companion. We hope to meet again. Many thanks again to Alex and his team.

All the best for the future !!

Greeting Sander, Huib and partners

(NL) 28-05 / 10-06 2019

Sander about listing 2 Buhanka's 28/5 - 08/06 Huib/Sander 2 months ago.
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Malte Holmgaard

Rented a UAZ Buhanka camper van from Alex for 10 days when I was traveling around Kyrgyzstan together with a friend. The rental went smoothly, and everything from mattresses to cutlery was provided by him and ready for use when we picked up the van in Bishkek. All we had to do was enjoy our road trip around the country. Definitely recommend this guy and this van!

Malte Holmgaard about listing UAZ Buhanka van rental 4 months ago.
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Alex arranged our 4 days trip to Song Kol Lake in April. Not many tour guides would arrange this tour during this month due to the cold/snowy weather. He managed to find us one of his best guide who came from the nearby village. He taught us many cultural things about Kyrgystan which was great to understand the country and its people.

I highly recommend Alex to organise your trip, he knows the best things to do with the best people.

Julien about listing 4 days tour Song Kol April 4 months ago.

Traveling around in the van was a great way to see some of what Kyrgyztan has to offer. It's a reliable and comfortable van and well set up as a camper. We did a couple of nights in the van and then a night in a guest house (for showers). We didn't use the 4wd much but the van has a pretty high clearance, so I'm sure it will get you where you want to go within reason.

Alex is very helpful in showing you how the van works and making suggestions for itineraries that might suit what you want to see and do.

One thing to bear in mind when planning your trip is that travel is pretty slow going. The van sits nicely at 80 km/hr (I'm sure it will go faster if you put your foot down), but you need to slow to 40 km/hr to pass through the many villages and there are lots of police with speed cameras. I'm good with not ripping through villages leaving a trail of dust, but it means 50Km/hr is about right for your average speed over long distances.

I thoroughly recommend both Alex and the mighty UAZ Buhanka. Have fun!

Rob about listing Van rental-1to6 April 4 months ago.
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Alex and his UAZ Buhanka van were amazing! Right from the booking stages Alex helped us get our driver's license translated in Bishkek. Then when we picked up the van for our 5 day adventure he willingly showed us the ropes of how to drive it, what was inside and where things were. This tutorial was very useful and helped set us up! Driving the van was great, Alex also suggested itinerary routes and we took his advice and seen so much. Kyrgyzstan was beautiful in early February, we seen mountains, lakes, canyons, dry desert like landscape and snow all in the space of 5 days. If you are considering taking a trip off the beaten track you can certainly do that in this UAZ Buhanka. The van comes well equipped for a winter trip - there is a heater in the front and back of the van. In terms of cooking, Alex provided us with a gas hob to cook meals on and the van comes with utensils and crockery.

The 4x4 on the van also helped to get to some places off road, this ability was very useful especially when roads are muddy/snowy. We felt safe in the van the entire time and we were sad to drop off "Bianca The Buhanka" off.

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