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Let me introduce you to the tourist company for organizing leisure and travel for you, your family and your friends in foreign countries and in the most interesting places of Kazakhstan.

Our mission is to help people to acquire the desired vouchers in the world of cognitive and adventure travel and enjoy the rest!
In the tourist activity, since 1996 we work in three directions:

  • Outbound tourism
  • Entry tourism
  • Domestic tourism
  • Outbound tourism


The owner and director of is Alzhan, who previously worked as a teacher of the institute. Dreaming of working in the business sector, she was lucky, and she was invited to one of the travel companies in Almaty. After going all the way from manager to the head of the company , in 1996 she created her own project. Important in the work is an attentive attitude to the clients of the company. These are guests and friends of the company who are always welcome and who will always be provided with new interesting tourist products of the company.

The employees of the company are well-coordinated teamwork of competent people dedicated to the company and the tourism industry, and this is the most valuable asset.

We offer prices for hotels in Kazakhstan at 10-30% below the prices that hotels themselves offer. We choose and offer the best types of vehicles, guides and places of food. Our prices are competitive due to the uniqueness of our products and programs, the effective work and professionalism of our team. From year to year we offer more and more new programs that are interesting and attract more and more tourists to Kazakhstan.

As part of celebrating the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, we have two author's tours:

1. Ancient world of nomads

2. Camels of the Great Steppe

These tours are held all year round (except for November-February months).

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love travelling i like meet new people and find out something new about culture other nations. I like to read books

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 20

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The trip organized by Alma turned out to be the major highlight of our stay in Kazakhstan. We've had an amazing time and everything has been organized exactly as we planned in advance with Alma. We saw Charyn Canyon, Kolsai Lake and Lake Kaindy in two days. Our driver was an amazing person and we spent night at lovely Kazakh family (magnificent food!). However, the biggest thanks goes to our guide Nargiz that shared a lot of information with us and was an excellent companion during our trip.

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