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I'm from near to Western Altai Mountains. My motherland is consists of steppes, gobi deserts, mountains, rivers and unique formation natures. I grew up with my grand mother who taught me traditional culturals in a nomadic family helping to grandmother, riding Camels, herding animals and producing Dairies etc.

I had experienced as TOUR GUIDE for 10 years. Working in a travel tourism section nearly around 10 years.

So I do have plenty of experience of serving all kind of staff to tourists by their needs.

Our professional team will be ready for everyone who wants to explore our beautiful Mongolia and will help you to make your memorable tour and full of adventures based on my experience.

Our tours are sure to provide unique and unforgettable experiences, guaranteed to refresh and revitalize both your body and mind.

We will book all kinds of tours all around Mongolia in order to make your holiday wonderful and having fun activities and to feel real habits of Mongolian nomadic family. 


Im happy advice you to visit with OUR TEAM:

* Discover Mongolia Tours (Golden Gobi Desert, Central Mongolia, Northern And Western Mongolia)

* Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes (singing dunes, camel riding and hiking to the sand mountains)

* Khuvsgul and Terkh  lakes

* Tsenkher hot spring resort

* Golden Eagle Festival Tours+Eagle Hunting+ Visit to Eagle Hunter's family(Stay with them)

* Naadam Festival Tour

* Yak Festival Tour

* Thousand Camel Festival Tour

* Ice Festival Tour

* Special Interests Tours

* Real Nomad life (to livein Yurts, milking cattle breeding and etc)

* Horse riding

* Private photograph tour

* Falcon/eagle hunting

* Shopping tour

* Fancy occasions

* 4WD Car Rental by Budget Prices

* City tour+food tour+wine tasting

* Night life

For more details ask me PM


Good luck wherever you are and safe trips!

Cheers, Tamir (Local Tour Expert & Provider In Mongolia)

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I do have nearly 10 years experience of Guiding tourists all around beautiful Mongolia. I would love to show our beautiful country to all who start planning to travel around. So create your dream travel itinerary by online combining tours to fit around your schedule and customize your trip according to your wishes. Our tours are sure to provide unique and unforgettable experiences, guaranteed to refresh and revitalize both your body and mind. We will book all kinds of tours all around Mongolia in order to make your holiday wonderful and having fun activities and to feel real habits of Mongolian nomadic family.

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

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Review of 3 day/2 Night trip Solo trip March 2018

Overall the trip was of a good quality, travelling around 900 km across to the Semi-Gobi area, stopping at Hustai on the way and then the next day back to Terelj National park, also visiting the Chinggis statue complex.

Tamir was responsive prior to the trip, and keen to listen to feedback, I didn't really see her guiding skills as the trip was unguided.

Bymbaa, my driver, was very kind and professional as well as having a good quality vehicle (Toyota Land Cruiser). His music choice was ok was well although maybe he needs more choice for the longer tours!!!

His English was quite limited, but it was possible to discuss practical matters with him.

The company provided snacks and water, and some English information which was important as the trip had no full guide.

The itinerary was quite well designed but maybe lacked a little at the end, with Day one (Hustai, Sand dune visit and family get with camel riding) being very good, but day 3 was quite short (it finished by 12) after one activity.

The family ger visit was the highlight of the trip, with the family very experienced at hosting guests and extremely welcoming. It was a joy to see how they lived and how hard they worked looking after their livestock.

The visit to Terelj was interesting, although the park itself is quite overdeveloped and not well maintained. This is not down to the tour company obviously. Perhaps it looks better in the summer.

Overall the trip was an interesting insight into Mongolian rural life and covered quite a distance in a short space of time.

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Missing Richard

Great trip. I really appreciated the possibility to get in touch with local people. I would suggest to avoid tourist camps in order to have a more genuine experience: staying always by families and then stopping by towns sometimes to get a shower is the best option. Every stage of our trip was great except for the hot springs, which I would cancel from the tour. Our tour was an unforgettable experience.

Best guide and driver ever. For me they were like travel companions. It was interesting to exchange experiences. Both Muugii and Tsoogoo were always very helpful and did everything possible to make our trip unforgettable. I would recommend Muugii and Tsoogoo to everyone interested in visiting Mongolia.

Meals were always fresh produced and very tasty. The cooking skills of our tour guide are excellent. I was always very satisfied.

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My god was it a brilliant two weeks in Mongolia... All the history all the adventure truly was amazing.. It was so amazing that by the end of my trip I actually was contemplating on staying for another week instead of going back to work..

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Our trip to Mongolia was memorable. We booked the Golden Gobi Tour, which led us through southern Mongolia (Gobi region) and central Mongolia. The tour perfectly combined hiking occasions in beautiful landscapes, visits to cultural and historical sites and nomadic culture experience. Our guide Muugii and our driver Tsogoo took very good care of us during the whole journey. Tsogoo is a very experienced driver and knows his country really well. Thanks to him we could feel safe at any time and stage of our journey. Moreover he was always keen on telling stories about Mongolian culture and places and was always very patient with us. Muugii is a really caring person and a great guide. Thanks to him we could understand much of nomadic culture and got to listen to many interesting stories. Besides that he is a great cook too. We loved to spend our time with such wonderful people as Muugii and Tsogoo. They really made our trip unforgettable.


Overall rating: 9 of 10

Perfect arrangement for all places

Best car driver

We really touched local life style such as drinking horse milk, camel milk etc. Ha Ha Ha.

We will visit again to north for icing season

We really would like to tell Thank you very much for the Tamiraa’s team. Tsogoo, the van driver, is very patient and well taken care all of us during trip. It seemed that he has long years experienced with high knowledge of his country, directions of roads and cleanliness of van. We personally appreciate his services in high recommend to all coming tourists to Mongolia.

So, in the overall, we would like to highly recommend Tamiraa’s team to everybody who are keenly explore some parts and whole Mongolia!

Thanks again, Ray & Nay

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Prompt replies and producing all necessary information in a timely fashion.


Our trip was so perfectly organised and planned by Tamiraa. We had no idea what a wonderful trip this would turn out to be. Right from pickup at the airport to drop, we were always helped with a smile which made us feel we were spending time with family in a new and unknown place.

Her association with the locals is amazing and she surely knows what tourists like us want/expect from a trip. Choice of food was perfect and we have no complains.

From living in a ger in the icy desert (our visit was in January 2017) to finding wild horses in the Khustai National park and learning about Mongolian History at the Chinggis Khan complex and finding the Tarbosaurus Bataar at the National Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs, it was an awesome journey together.

Our first day was with a nomad family. There was enough supply of firewood and fuel to make sure the fire does not run out. Warm woolen blankets and sleeping bags were also provided to make sure we dont feel cold at any time. The hospitability of the family was something we never expected in a foreign land.

Since we were travelling in winter and with the temperatures not familiar to us (being from Calcutta, India where temperatures are never sub zero), Tamiraa made sure we were comfortable at all times. She never rushed us in the trip even when we were taking up too much time at a particular spot. She was also very patient with us being very noisy people.

Special mention of Bartaa is much required i feel. He is a man of many qualities. Great driving skills and personality.

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