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Hi there,

My name is Altynay. 

Over the past 7 years, I was a local friend-guide, host family or even interpreter for foreign visitors in Kazakhstan. I'm your local guide in Kazakhstan and in any Russian speaking countries of CIS, Central Asia. I speak English and a little bit of Chinese :) 

Personally, as a traveling lover, during my solo-travelings (15 counties), I realized how it is important to get in touch with locals to learn better their culture and history. That's why I would love to provide you with bespoke service and bring you not only exciting moments but a friend for life. 

I truly love my country and invite you to visit Kazakhstan! 

You are most welcome :)  

Best wishes,






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Best wishes,


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travelling, photography, video, English speaker, translator, interpreter, good communication

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 3

5 open listings

6 received reviews (100% positive, 6/6)

Wing Sum Karen

Altynay is a very nice and friendly girl and I did enjoy a great time in having dinner with her and the host family. The food was nice and everything was good. I could have a better understanding about Kazakh food culture after explanation by Altynay. Overall the dinner was very good and I missed the host family a lot!


Ms Altynay and her family was so happy and full of hospitality. I felt myself as in my real home. What was more lucky me was that I could visit her during Ramadan month. Although we needed to wait sunset time for dinner, the table was covered by various special dishes for that holy month such as baursak, bespalmak, shorpa, fruits, cakes and chocolate. I could even see how her mother cooked besparmak. She told that her mother makes everything from dough by herself. I think it is worth visiting her only for those handmade dishes.

After dinner, we kept talking a lot about our country, life, each family and so on. Thank you very much for very good memory for my last night of Almaty. Thank you Altynay, I will definitely come back to my 2nd family in Kazakhstan again.

Seira about listing Dinner with a local family in Almaty 2 years ago.

Excellent trip with lovely host and driver

Cath about listing Almaty Lake 2 years ago.

Altynay showed me the surroundings of Almaty in the best way. She was very kind, very knowledgeable and was very good in english. I decided to go to Big Almaty Lake instead of doing the city tour (changed this right in the beginning of the tour) and Altynay had no problems to change the plans. A really sweet person that I can recommend fully.

Per about listing Almaty City tour 27th of may 2 years ago.

Altynay was an absolutely brilliant guide. Because of her we were able to have a better understanding of both Kazakh history and culture. She was very responsive to our interests. Would highly recommend her.

Graeme about listing Short Almaty tour (3-4 h) 2 years ago.

Altynay is a very knowledgeable guide, nice and friendly person to be around with. During my stay in Almaty I had a really great experience with her. I booked a city tour to visit the main parts of the city. Although our trip was short I made relatively many requests to organise this tour and Altynay's responses were quick. Due to my business, I suddenly changed the time of appointment and she was kind to re-organise everything and start the tour later, we had done it well. I also needed a driver in the city and she came with a driver on-time and took me to the places (the Main Independence Square, Museums, Green Market, the park of 28-Heroes ...). By the end of the day, I felt myself travelling with a kazakh local friend who speaks English very well. I would recommend this trip with for all kind of travellers, who visit Almaty.

Pablo about listing city tour 2 years ago.

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