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Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 10

7 open listings

5 received reviews (60% positive, 3/5)


he is good person and everything went smoothly. Thanks a lot

supun about listing travel guide for krygysthan 4 months ago.

I will never recommend this guy. He was a guide from hell. He demanded to be paid more on the 3rd day as he indicated he’s going to lose money. He was a chain smoker and smoke in the car while driving. He insisted to share a hostel room with me to save money even with my strong opposition. He brought along his girlfriend for two days during the middle of our trip which was unethical . He was a reckless driver. He claimed he took me to 4 countries in 15 days but we only spent 2 hours in Kazakhstan, 2 days in Uzbekistan, 1 day in Tajikistan. I requested city tour of Tashkent , Almaty , and Dushanbe but he had no idea where to take me to. Even in Bishkek where he’s from

He only spent two hours to show me the city as he indicated there’s nothing much to see in the city. I was having so much problem with him everyday and had to cut my trip short . The trip was supposed to be for August 3 to 17 for $2,000 but I had enough of his bad behavior so I get rid of him on August 14 but did not demand that he credit me for 3 days as I was dying to get rid of him. We ended the trip in Tashkent and I got my own hotel accommodation for 2 days and city tour on my own. He indicated he had to drive 3,500 kms home from Tashkent to Bishkek but the highway signs I saw in Tashkent stated it’s 440 kms . He made me to believe that I am dumb and don’t know how far he has to drive to return to his country. This guy should never be allowed to list his service on the site as he will victimize more innocent people like me. He’s a guide from HELL

Mark about listing 15 days tour 7 months ago.

Rafa was a replacement guide referred to us by Aman, an original guide which we booked. We spent 4 days with Rafa traveling through Karakol to Osh. Although Rafa was generally friendly and chatty, Rafa seemed a little inexperienced with directions and orientation of some cities/accommodation options. For some activities like hiking, Rafa commented that some of us were slow in hiking/descending slopes given our ages and that grandmothers could do better than us, which we found were inappropriate and rude. Similar comments were made at Burana Tower where one of our travel mates was slower in descending the steep stairs as her eyes could not adjust to the dark quickly. Rafa commented that previously there was a problem with her legs and today there is a problem with her eyes, and told her to exercise more. Upon reaching Osh, our accommodation was a little difficult to locate, so we suggested Rafa to call the homestay, which he refused several times and asked us ‘what do you want me to do?’ and added an unnecessary comment that after the trip with us, he needed to drive all the way back to Bishkek. Moreover, for our agreement with Aman, guide’s food and accommodation is included, but out of goodwill, we offered to pay for the first meal, and wouldn’t have minded to pay for all. However, Rafa took it as a given and let us pay for all of his meals, including bunking in with us for a night in the yurt. Along the way, Rafa also constantly asked us to take photos of him presumably for his own marketing material, and at one point, rushed us off after we took his photos, without letting us take our own photos. Overall, we could have done better with an experienced & more encouraging guide or he should have taken some tips from other experienced guide before he start his own guide tour.

Amanda about listing Karakol to Osh (10-13 Aug, 3 pax) 8 months ago.

We rent a Lada Niva to Aman.

What a big adventure to do this in Kyrgyzstan with the Lada !

Aman's Lada was a very very good car, zero problem during the trip and so absolutely funny.

Aman is very helpful, friendly, Sure and honest, it's very good!

He gave us good advice on roads state and took news of us during the trip to see where we are and if we were ok. Aman speaks well english, that was a good point for us to organize and prepare the trip with him.

We enjoyed our trip thanks to Aman. We want to restart this trip as soon as possible...

We recommand Aman and this Lada Niva, they are best. Good luck for your next trip!!!

Emilie about listing Lada niva 9 months ago.

If you are looking for a guide who is funny, on time, speaks great English, values service and keeps you safe on the road than look no further than Aman.

I had initially booked with an agency which had to cancel minute and while looking for another option I came across Indy guide. I was a bit apprehensive at first to book with Aman as he had no previous reviews but his communication was spot and he was very responsive. Sceptical, I decided to give him a go as he sent me numbers of referees that he took on tour but who hadnt provided written reviews here on Indy guide. I trusted him and we booked a 4 day 3 night tour.

Aman gave me the option of choosing our home stays an guest houses from booking.com and he made the bookings locally. We were also three vegetarians and he ensures he took us to the best places with food options which I had previously read was hard in Kygyrzstan.

He was always on time and we were always late each morning and it never bothered him. He was laughing along with us the whole way and was such a safe driver on the road.

He is also a history buff and gladly explained the stories and history if the country along the way. He was just the right amount of friendly and ended up becoming on to the gang. He'd also stop as many times as we wanted along the way for loo stops and to pick up beer and wine.

He took plenty of photos and videos the whole trip which he would send me each evening.

I loved the 4 day tour we booked - it was super adventurous and we saw all of the issykul region highlights for the time we had.

We honestly couldn't have asked for a better guide and friend.

I took the time out to write this review, which I promised him I would so that others that first timers with this site could also feel absolutely confident that he is the perfect guide for you.

Best of luck Aman! I hope you have a year filled with lots of customers and many more memories.

I also forgot to mention - my friend lost her passport and wallet at a restaurant we were at Aman used his contacts at the police to help us get it back from thief who we caught on CCTV camera at the restaurant. He wasn't a pleasant experience but it was our fault and he stayed with us till for hours till we had it returned.

Kirstin about listing 4 day tour - Issykul/Karakol with Amman 10 months ago.
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