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I provide the wide range of services and exclusive travel experiences in Central Asia. Based on your travel interest, time allocation and budged I will organize all aspects of your visit. The following services of mine can be requested anywhere and anytime in Central Asia:

  1. Transportation on comfortable 4x4 vehicles (sedan, minivan and minibus can be requested too) 
  2. Accomodation in yurts, hotels and guesthouses with top ratings and special offers
  3. Adventure and cultural tours
  4. Assisstance in obtaining permits and borders support

All of these services are accompanied with professional English-speaking drivers and guides.  

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Adventure travelling, learning new dialects, leisure in the nature and national games

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 9

12 open listings

2 received reviews (50% positive, 1/2)


Amin proposed us his services for a lot trip (19 days) from Bishkek to Pentjikent. The trip was great, with a change of driver + car at Och. Both drivers were very nice: Amin, from Bishkek to Och, very dynamic and talkative, then a cousin of him (and not his brother as Amin said) very professional and pleasant guy. Very good service, answering perfectly our expectations. Thanks Amin!

Best moments: stay in your in Song Kol lake, Tash Rabat, Horse transhumance in a very wild area (picture), Lenin Peak, Pamir Road, Engel peak trail, Jizev village,....

Cpe 6969

A very awful experience and I think that nobody should travel with Amin and Kyrgyz Pamir Tours!! They’re absolutely unprofessional!!

Even if the price wasn’t the cheapest, I chose Amin because he speaks English and because he has a comfortable Toyota.

The evening before the start of the tour, a man came to our hotel to say that Amin was in Uzbekistan and another driver will come.

The day after, we met Adilet, a young driver who didn’t speak English and with a very old Honda CRV, that was very different from the Toyota Land Cruiser that Amin showed me when I booked. It wasn’t comfortable and safe (there wasn’t the safety belt on the passenger side!).

The first day I wrote an email because my husband had back ache because of the car and they called me the day after saying that if I wanted another car, I had to pay other money!!

When I booked, Amin promised me a surprise and a payed night in a guesthouse, but I had nothing of these!

I could never talk to Amin, but with some collaborators. Every time I tried to call them, they answered “I’m busy, I will call in five minutes” and then they called one or two days later.

Nobody worried about our situation and about my husband’s conditions...

The second day, we were in Sary Chelek and the driver asked us if he could give a passage to the lake to a girl and her mother. The girl spent all the day with us and later we understood they knew each other. The day after, they said the girl would have come with us till the end of the journey!! We were very angry and said we didn’t pay to travel with an unknown person, so she went away.

Two days before the end of the tour, I asked for a discount, that is a more correct price for the services I had. After a lot of calls, that made our last day in Kyrgyzstan very nervous, they didn’t accept!

The last day we had the flight at 5,30 a.m and the driver didn’t come to take us to the airport!!! We waited for him, we called him tens of times and, when he answered, he told he didn’t want to come because it was too early!!! We had to take a taxi with the risk of loosing the flight!

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