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Dear Travelers, welcome to our profile page.

We are a group of wildlife conservancies in Tajikistan bonded by an association which manages and develops tourism in its member conservancy areas. 

The conservancies managed by our members provide excellent touristic opportunities. You may come for just a few hours to even a few weeks, enjoying the landscape, wildlife, and local people. A variety of activities are available such as hiking, bird-watching, and wildlife photography. While visiting these conservancies, you will see the regional diversity of the Tajik, Pamiri (Bartangi, Shughni, and Wakhi) and Kyrgyz ethnic groups, experiencing how their traditions and environment influence their architecture, land-use, and lifestyles.

The philosophy behind our job is to develop conservation and sustainable-use initiatives by providing tools and skills to community-based conservancies and private wildlife concessions.

We specialize in wildlife watching, photography and general eco-tours. Some of the notable wildlife species in our conservacnies include mounatin ungulates such as Bukharan Markhor, Argali or sheep, Bukhara Urial, Asiatic Ibex and predators as Snow Leopard, Brown Bears and Grey Wolves as well more than 300 bird species. In our tours we visit mostly protected areas, National Parks and community or private wildlife conservancies. 

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