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Jeep tours, individual tours, сulinary tours, historical and cultural tours.


My name is Andrey, I'm 33 years old. I was born and grew up in Almaty!

I am your professional English-speaking local guide,driver and cook all in one person. I have 8 years of experience as a guide and organization of outdoor activites trips. Received training in providing first aid. Always safely driving a car (4x4 SUV) for 1-6 people in any region of Kazakhstan in Almaty and Almaty region.

My personal car is prepared for off-road conditions, and is equipped with everything necessary for an autonomous rest. There is a radio СB station, air conditioning, roof rack. Each time before a trip, the Jeep undergoes an inspection at the service station.

My goal is to provide quality and professional service for every tourist, it is very important for a good trip, trip or tour.The long memory of the journey or tour lags behind, not from the Sight itself, but from the service the tour guide did. And of course you always want to come back ....

Very happy to do my job - this is really my way of life and always happy to share it with my guests!

I invite you to visit the country of Qazaqstan, the country in which I was born and grew up, because it is very diverse: it is surrounded by high mountains, it has many rivers and lakes, endless steppes, deserts, semi-deserts, rich natural fauna and of course this country has preserved many ancient traditions and customs of nomadic peoples!

In 2017, successfully completed and passed the 12 steps of EastguidesWest's

Certification by the coach Sjannie EastguidesWest

Exercise excellence in service

Received a Diplom in Quality of Service from EastguidesWest's


 Welcome to Kazakhstan dear guests!

Kazakhstan will be remembered for you by the bright and distinctive, hospitable culture of the nomads.

Our trips to Kazakhstan in these places and others:

  • Big Almaty Lake
    Waterfalls of the Turgen gorge
    Charyn Canyon: "Valley of Castles", "Bestomag", "Clay Canyon".
    National Nature Park
     "Altyn Emel" "Singing dunes", mountains "Ak Tau", "Kutu Tau", "
    All Kolsai Lakes
    Lake Kaindy
    Zharkent town near the border with China
    Petroglyphs of Tanbaly towards Bishkek (rock carvings, protected by UNESCO)
    Buddhist sanctuary in the open air.
    Organization of a tent camp in the wild nature.
    Horse riding trips in Almaty region
    Adventure offroad tours with campgroung accomodation
    Photographer tour
    Tours from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan
    Transfer from Almaty to the border with Kyrgyzstan, Karakol
    Winter tours to Hot springs, near the border of China
    Individual Winter Tours

 You can make your own tour, I can give recommendations on the features of the tour and provide professional service for you.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Traveling, camping, photography, cooking, fishing, adventure 4x4 Travel, communication with interesting people.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

26 open listings

69 received reviews (100% positive, 69/69)


The tour was fantastically organised, the guide was fantastic, with very high-quality equipment, great knowledge of the area, great English, and great stories to tell :). The places we have seen really blew us away, from multi-coloured mountains to endless steppe deserts to breathtaking canyons where you can quietly set up your tent. Would highly recommend to anyone!


WOW! Andrey organized for us wonderful 3-day trip with a lot of attractions and beautiful moments. He showed us the beauty of Kazakh nature and also was a perfect prepared guide and cook. It was unforgettable days for us. Everything was absolutely great! We strongly recommend him !!!


I booked Andrey for 4 days to tour Charyn Canyon, Kolsai Lakes, Kaindy Lake, and the Turgen Gorge...all from the Karkara border crossing and ending in Almaty. As an independent traveller, I am usually not one to book guides or tours, but I can honestly say with full pleasure and confidence that it was one of the best decisions of my Central Asia trip so far!

Andrey has a passion with design, photography, and the great outdoors, and he utilized all of this to provide an excellent personal experience for me/his client (now friend!). He has an eye for the photogenic spots, knowledge of the quieter, less-trafficked spots, and a sense of safety, humor, and flexibility that all adventurers appreciate when travelling off the beaten path. The destinations are special, but he makes the journey between them special, too.

We both camped under the stars and stayed in guesthouses, cooked meals over fires and in kitchens, ate delicious food at on-the-side-of-the-road establishments and with families in yurts, hiked some trails and did some off-trail special quests, and shared stories and jokes along the way.

Why you should get a driver:

The distances between the famous nature sites in Kazakhstan are long and vast. Hitchhiking is possible, but can be incredibly difficult with many side-roads needed, especially when the weather changes from super hot to pouring hail on a random basis. Taxis may get you to places, but they may also limit your time there to just an hour or so (they won't stay overnight with you!). And that's if their vehicle model can navigate the oft dirt roads (or lack thereof). A hired driver with the proper vehicle that will get you to all the places you want to see for however long you want to see it within your own timeframe is absolutely worth the money.

Why you should get Andrey:

See that parking lot over there with all the tourists? Yeah, it's over there because Andrey has taken you to another location with equally or better views, as he's a knowledgeable local and has built rapport and beneficial connections with other locals. Don't worry though, as after you've soaked in the quiet, epic views, he'll take you to the tourist spots (if you want) so that you can still enjoy them as well. Never gone camping before and not sure if you like it? No problem, Andrey will happily provide alternative accommodations...or if you decide that Kazakhstan will be your first time camping, Andrey will help guide you as you set up your first tent, and you can see how to make a fire and cook delicious camping meals (nothing better than learning by doing!). Bad weather putting a damper on the itinerary? No worries - Andrey always has back-up alternatives to ensure that you still have meaningful experiences despite deviations from the original plan. You really can't go wrong with a guide + driver as Andrey!

Suggestions when booking Andrey:

1) Book as early as possible when you know for sure you can make it:

Andrey is popular...for good reason (read all the reviews above and below)! This guy is great.

2) Be descriptive in what you want to see or do:

Saying you want to visit Kolsai Lakes is enough, but Andrey can better cater to you if you express what you want to do there (day hike, horse ride, etc)...or what interests you there (wildflowers, nomadic life, archaeology, etc)...or if you don't know, ask and he'll give suggestions based on the time of year!

3) Be understanding:

Andrey is often on the road cultivating awesome adventures and memories with people. Internet in Kazakhstan outside of the main cities is unreliable at best. He always makes an effort to respond to questions or will inform you that he will get back to you when he returns to civilization. Sometimes, it might be a whole week before you will hear from him again. Plan for this when organizing your trip, as well as writing your emails to him with questions.

4) Make sure he is a right match for you:

This really applies to all guides. It's important that your interests align (at least partially) with your guide so that you may get the best experience possible (kind of like two people nerding about the same thing for days!). Andrey and I both liked nature/the outdoors, and we share interests in photography and certain aesthetics (amongst many other things). This helped foster the trip in becoming an adventure, as opposed to a simple guided tour. Andrey is a great guide absolutely, but he really shines when he knows he can impress on an personal level based on shared interests and passions.

So overall, 10/10. If I ever return back to Kazakhstan, or if I know any friends who will be visiting, I'll be sure to refer to Andrey.

J about listing Karkara-Charyn-Kolsai-Kaindy-Turgen Trip 6 days ago.
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Andrey was the perfect guide for us in Almaty. We were only there briefly and traveling with young kids (a sick 1 year old and 4 year old). He was totally adaptable to whatever we wanted to do and was friendly, knowledgeable, loves what he does and communicated well prior to the trip. We went up to the Big Almaty Lake and he knew all the best spots for views and photos. He even makes us a tea/coffee to have a little picnic at the top. If we are here again we would definitely give Andrey a call!

Charmaine about listing Big Almaty lake 17 days ago.


I was extremely impressed with my experience.

I booked a trip with Andrey to Charyn Canyon a few weeks ago but he was unable to go on the date I requested. He recommended that I should have another professional guide, his friend Pavel, take me there instead.

At first, I was a bit nervous, but then I looked through Andrey's reviews and based on the reviews, along with his profile, I believed he was a professional. Even though he could not take me, I thought that he would give me a professional guide and a great experience at Charyn Canyon. My thoughts were correct.

Pavel is a TRUE professional. He arrived on time; we had no problems with working out pricing; he drove extremely well and in a safe manner; he had food, water, and fuel prepared for the trip; his Land Cruiser is in excellent condition; he speaks English very well (we spoke in both English and Russian) and he is very genuine and easy to talk with.

I sincerely enjoyed my trip and my chats with him and wish both of them the best of luck in the future.

Andrey, thank you for setting up everything.

Pavel, thank you very much for the amazing experience!


Davis about listing Charyn Canyon 25 days ago.
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We had a very nice trip to Almaty lake with Konstantine, the partner of Andrey, including a hiking to big Almaty peak and a picnic with views.

Laura about listing Big Almaty Lake, tour 1 day 30 days ago.

Andrey was a great guide! He was very experienced in the particular sights we wanted to see and he adjusted some of the schedule to meet our specific requests. An excellent cook and brewer of very strong coffee! He introduced us to the locals and translated for us throughout our 4 day trip. His off road vehicle was dependable and we felt safe the entire time. He knew all the best photo opps and took us to the quieter places that were less spoiled by too many tourists. We feel that we received the best Kazakhstan experience possible thanks to Andrey and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in the Kazakhstan experience!

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Normally we travel by our self but this we decide to explore the easternpart of Kazachstan with Andrey. We went on a 5 day tour with him and its was amazing. Everything was well organized. We slept at deserted places in a tent and 2 night in a guesthouse. We really recommend Andrey. He is a very nice guy with a lot of humor

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Good tour guide, really cares about service and showing customers the beauty of Kazakhstan.

Shane about listing Issyk Lake |1 Day Tour| 1 month ago.

Thank you so much for sending Nick to me. I really had a great time. He made lots of pictures and gentle pushed me to go a little farther on our short hike/trek as I am not a trekker! Lol I will be visiting the area again and will make sure I look you both up. Also I have shared your info with others as well! Stephanie from New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Stephanie about listing Big Almaty Lake, tour 1 day 1 month ago.
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