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SUV Tours, Private tours,Outdoor activities, Photographer Tour.


My name is Andrey, I'm 35 years old. I was born and grew up in Almaty!

I am your professional English-speaking local guide,driver and cook all in one person. I have 8 years of experience as a guide and organization of outdoor activites trips. Received training in providing first aid. Always safely driving a SUV for 1-5 people in any region of Kazakhstan in Almaty and Almaty region.

My personal car is prepared for off-road conditions, and is equipped with everything necessary for an autonomous rest. There is a radio СB station, air conditioning, roof rack. Each time before a trip, the Jeep undergoes an inspection at the service station.

My goal is to provide quality and professional service for every tourist, it is very important for a good trip, trip or tour.The long memory of the journey or tour lags behind, not from the Sight itself, but from the service the tour guide did. And of course you always want to come back ....

Very happy to do my job - this is really my way of life and always happy to share it with my guests!

I invite you to visit the country of Qazaqstan, the country in which I was born and grew up, because it is very diverse: it is surrounded by high mountains, it has many rivers and lakes, endless steppes, deserts, semi-deserts, rich natural fauna and of course this country has preserved many ancient traditions and customs of nomadic peoples!

In 2017, successfully completed and passed the 12 steps of EastguidesWest's

Exercise excellence in service

Received a Diplom in Quality of Service from EastguidesWest's


Welcome to Kazakhstan dear guests!

Kazakhstan will be remembered for you by the bright and distinctive, hospitable culture of the nomads.

Our trips to Kazakhstan in these places and others:

  • Big Almaty Lake
    Waterfalls of the Turgen gorge
    Charyn Canyon: "Valley of Castles", "Bestomag", "Clay Canyon".
    National Nature Park
     "Altyn Emel" "Singing dunes", mountains "Ak Tau", "Kutu Tau", "
    All Kolsai Lakes
    Lake Kaindy
    Zharkent town near the border with China
    Petroglyphs of Tanbaly towards Bishkek (rock carvings, protected by UNESCO)
    Buddhist sanctuary in the open air.
    Organization of a tent camp in the wild nature.
    Horse riding trips in Almaty region
    Adventure offroad tours with campgroung accomodation
    Photographer tour
    Tours from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan
    Transfer from Almaty to the border with Kyrgyzstan, Karakol
    Winter tours to Hot springs, near the border of China
    Individual Winter Tours

 You can make your own tour, I can give recommendations on the features of the tour and provide professional service for you.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Traveling, Сamping, photography, cooking, fishing, Adventure travel by SUV, communication with interesting people.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

28 open listings

103 received reviews (100% positive, 103/103)


Andrey was unavailable since he had another booking. But he recommended his friend Pavel (Pablo) .

Pavel was a great guy. Very service minded and professional. He tailored the tour according to our wishes.

He also helped us booking parachute-jump outside the tour and was really helpful with translation.

Thank you for a really nice tour.

We can highly recommend him!

Sebastian about listing 2 Day tour full board 5 months ago.
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Ying Man

I just want to say it's perfect!

Ying Man about listing 6D/5N Full Package 5 months ago.
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Everything better than I expected. Andrey has been a Kazakh friend who shared with us the passion and love for his country. Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience.

Roberto about listing Budget Economy Package 5 months ago.
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Andrey’s tour of Bug Almaty Lake was fantastic and it was a great hiking trip, would highly recommend hiking to the lake as you will avoid a large number of tourists, get a better view of the lake as well as a wonderful hiking experience. Would also recommend the eagle show if you are not from Kazhakstan

Peter about listing Big Almaty Lake, tour 1 day 5 months ago.

I went with Dimitrov, Andrey’s colleague to Charyn Canyon. It was a fantastic day trip and Dimitrov’s knowledge was amazing

Peter about listing Charyn Canyon | Day Tour, Almaty 5 months ago.

Andrey sent his friend, Nikita, to accompany us during the trip and he was very helpful and cheerful. When we were slow, he changed the schedule a little bit so that we can still enjoy the scenery. He told us the plants that can be used to make herbal tea or to eat during the trek. We felt he was a friend more than a guide during the trip.

The trip was well-planned and the equipment for camping was well-prepared. Food quality was great and the transportation was efficient (Good driving skill). Overall, the quality of life was great even we were in a relatively remote place.

I will rate both and guide and the trip 9.5 /10. Nikita can speak english but definitely not the most fluent speaker you have ever met. The toilet in the guesthouse got locked for some time due to bad luck.


Andrey sent us to the Kolsai & Kandi Lakes/Charyn Canyon with his colleague Max, and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. Max was capable, professional, friendly and fun for the whole trip, and even brought his own camera to take HD photos of us at no extra cost. We can't recommend these guys strongly enough : )


Andrey n'a pas pu venir mais a envoyé un des ses collègues. Nous avons passé une superbe journée, vu de magnifiques paysages et fait de superbes rencontres. Nous avons bien rigolé également. Le guide savait quand nous raconter l'histoire de ce que nous visitions et quand nous laisser du temps pour nous. Je recommande vivement. Quand nous reviendrons, nous choisirons le même guide !!

Shan Jin Kevin

Andrey was quick to respond to my queries and was informative in his replies! He was busy and sent his friend Maxim to be our guide for 4D3N around charyn canyon, lake kaindy and kolsai lake. Maxim was a great guide, knowledgeable and great fun to be around! We always felt well taken care of and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Highly recommend!

Shan Jin Kevin about listing 4d3n custom tour 7 months ago.

Andrey always responded quickly to my emails and answered all the questions I had, putting me quite at ease. He was already busy with another tour on the day I booked, but he offered to send a friend instead, Pavel. Pavel was very agreeable and accommodating and conducted the trip at our pace. He was a safe driver and great to talk too. Our hike was great. We started a little earlier than usual and almost didn't meet anyone else. We had the mountains for ourselves and the weather helped because the visibility and colours were amazing. We decided to skip the falcon centre visit because we had a train to catch and were too early for the show. Instead we asked him to take us to the national museum and he dropped us off at the hotel.

I will definitely recommend contacting Andrey for tours; we will definitely do so if we come back to Almaty (there is a lot more we want to see and the mountains by Big Almaty Lake are amazing). His services are very professional.

Luis about listing 1-day tour Almaty Lake 7 months ago.
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