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We are a group of experienced and independent tour guides, drivers and travel photographers, who do not belong to any tour agency or company. We have over a decade of experience in organizing tours across the country in various logistics and itineraries. 



1. Day Tours and Event Tours


* Budget tours for large groups as well as individuals

* Get a first look on Mongolian natural wonders and Wildlife

* Spend time with Nomads and learn their culture

* Hiking amongst the Altai, Terelj, Khuvsgul and Tsagaan nuur Mountain ranges 


Mongolian swamplands


3. Camping and Adventure Tours


* Day Tours and 7 - 17 Day itineraries based on your preferences 

* Multiple day horse trekking tours around destinations such as Terelj, Khuvsgul Lake, Altai Mountains and Naiman Nuur lakes

* Learn how to ride horse and learn basic skills of Mongolian horsemanship

* Stay with local nomads and learn from their culture




* Visit Tsaatan reindeer herders by joining one of our 7 and 13 day tours to Khuvsgul lake

* Fly to Bayan-Ulgii and experience Golden Eagle festival and visit one of the Kazakh herder family with Nurlan ( our Kazakh friend ) 

* Visit the Gob Desert, Yoliin Am caverns, Khongor Sand dunes, Bayanzag cliffs and many other destinations 

* Event tickets for Naadam, Danshig Naadam, Golden Eagle Festival and other events




3. Custom Tours



 * Create your own Custom Tour based on your interests, schedule and budget

* We will create custom itinerary based on your schedule with well outlined map itinerary with distance and duration of each landmarks you want to see      and activities you would like to try

* Learn from our previous guests and wonderful trips they've had with their own custom tours. 

* You can download PDF custom itineraries of our previous guests



 Ger camping, homestays and outdoor campings


From homestays in a nomadic family to cozy ger camps, we have planned out all for you

* Depending on your interests or comfort level

* For budget travelers and outdoor enthusiasts we also have tents and sleeping bags as well




Hotel bookings and accommodation management


* 3-5 star Hotels, guest houses and hostels as well as booking, we will organize your accommodation in advance

* For larger groups we also have appartement buildings






* Transportations include Russian vans, 4x4 Jeeps, Delica D4 vans, medium size travel Bus and others.

* We will also book for you plane tickets to Bayan-Ulgii, Murun and other provinces and can link you up to our local partners

* In some areas you can also rely on horse, camel, reindeer and ox carts as a means of transportations as part of the experience


My skills, interests, and hobbies: Cooking, reading, martial arts and hiking

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 10

12 open listings

11 received reviews (100% positive, 11/11)



все было супер

svetlana about listing Airport pick up & drop off 9 months ago.

Andy was on time and helped around the city.

Thanks a lot!

Nikolay about listing Airport pick up & drop off 9 months ago.





hidenao about listing 2days JULY 13 14 1 years ago.

Andy has been very profesional and very flexible. He has changed the itinerary based on our suggestions and what we could ask on the way. He has tried to make us get in touch as much as possible with the local culture. We appreciated that he took so much care about us.

Img 20180815 wa0007

We had a great cycling trip around Ulaanbaatar. Andy was very kind and easy to follow around in hard terrains of Ulaanbaatar as well as gachuurt park. And in the evening we've spent playing football in a local park. From the early pick up in the morning till we went back to hotel it was a great unexpected day

Will book again next time

Mark about listing Ulaanbaatar city Bike tour 2 years ago.
20180721 193717

Andy was very good, and did his best to show us as much as possible. He really made a difference to our experience in Ulan Bator, and we enjoyed his company.

Felicity about listing Jensen 11 & 12 July 2 years ago.

Showed up on time and was very friendly.

Nicholas about listing Naadam Festival Tickets 2 years ago.

Great Nature and a lot of cute horses in Hustai park, Thanks Indy-Guide

Khouloud about listing Driver Service Mongolia 2 years ago.

Had a great time with Andy, he drove me to Genghis Khan statue and had a great tour in Hustai day after

Khouloud about listing Driver Service Mongolia 2 years ago.

Thanks Andy and driver Ganaa for kicking in at the last minute and saving the day

My favourite photo in Mongolia so far

Richard about listing Driver Service Mongolia 2 years ago.

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Andy and Friends
Last seen 2 months ago