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I am born in the south gobi dessert and I as living there with my parents for long time. Later on I study in Ulaanbaatar English and German. But I had never the chance to visit one of this countries.

As Tourguide I work for long time and I have lot of experience in this field. When you are looking for a individual and authentic trip in Mongolia, so am the right person. Doesn’t matter if you like to go to the north, east, west or south Mongolia. Of course in the south, what means Gobi desert I have my excellent network.

I like to show my guest the real life in Mongolia. That means we will get lot in contact with Nomadic people, stay in the typical nomadic ger and see how they are living.

When we on the way, we only use the possibilities from the local people. That means you support the local nomadic people and help them. I have two older brothers. They both have a offroad car and one of them will be our driver.

I am a 100% Mongolian Women and I like to be the ambassador of the Mongolian tradition and culture for my Guest.

My service includes:

  • full service incl. offroad car, driver
  • contact to the local nomadic people
  • Experience nomadism
  • Camel or Horse riding tours
  • Expert for the Gobi dessert and central mongolia
  • All from one hand

My skills, interests, and hobbies: My skills: organize or guide tours in the gobi dessert, City tour in Ulaanbaatar, Camel riding. Interests: Nature, Languages History, Travel

Country: Mongolia

Services in: Mongolia

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