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20 Most Amazing Photos of Central Asia & Mongolia - Photo Contest

20 Most Amazing Photos of Central Asia & Mongolia - Photo Contest

Ati 4 hours ago
By Ati | Wednesday 20 June, 2018 20 June, 2018
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We are still stunned! You submitted more than 600 beautiful photos for Indy Guide's photo competition in collaboration with what3words. And 360 photos with correct entries made it to the voting stage on our Facebook page.

Together, we showed how beautiful this region is and how easy & useful a 3 word address can be! Thank you! 

The winner will soon receive his/her DJI Mavic Air! 

Here are the TOP 20 PHOTOS - based on Facebook likes as of June 10th (see all entries here): 



Location: Kyrgyzstan, cheerier.tallest.entrants
Facebook likes: 4575 likes
Photo credit: @sixwheelseast


Location: Kazakhstan, thrillers.ponytailed.toga
Description: how close in Kazakhstan a person can be with a hunting eagle
Facebook likes: 3377 likes
Photo credit: @suvtours.kz



Location: Kyrgyzstan, appealing.weeks.parentless
Description: 3 a.m. Climbers are preparing to climb the mountain.
Facebook likes: 2345 likes
Photo credit: @evgeniy.sayfulin


Location: Pakistan, deviance.recital.physiology
Description: A view of Hussaini Suspension Bridge in the Gojal Valley of Hunza in Northern Pakistan. Its a 423 step bridge and declared as one of the worlds most dangerous bridge. Its made of metal ropes and wooden steps.
Facebook likes: 2128 likes
Photo credit: @taseerbeyg



Location: Pakistan, loadings.resource.bankrupts
Facebook likes: 1900 likes
Photo credit: @izak_007


Location: Uzbekistan, flab.upland.bitters
Facebook likes: 818 likes
Photo credit: @Manonduringo



Location: Kazakhstan, snoring.shins.hunter
Description: This is a prized shot for me as I went to Kazakhstan to experience Eagle Hunting only and everything else was stitched around it.
Facebook likes: 653 likes
Photo credit: @the_punjabi_wanderer


Location: Kyrgyzstan, remains.consortium.engineered
Description: The sun set was spectacular with the entire issky lulu region is so peaceful and stunning
Facebook likes: 253 likes
Photo credit: @S108h4nw



Location: Mongolia, goner.ducklings.saturate
Description: I like amazing shapes of the clouds and the light too.
Facebook likes: 129 likes
Photo credit: @przygody4x4


Location: Kyrgyzstan, raudo.feldespato.ilustra
Facebook likes: 127 likes
Photo credit: @jodaarba



Location: Pakistan, sheep.stalemated.masterly
Description: Shangrila lake (aka Lower Kachuara lake) is a wonderful place surrounded by highrise mountains of Karakorams. It should be in top of your bucketlist if you ever plan to explore the northern areas of Pakistan.
Facebook likes: 116 likes
Photo credit: @sheraliphotography


Location: Mongolia, busybody.backgammon.hubcap
Description: Watching a yak herder moving her yaks across the glacier-fed river was quite a sight. And to think this was only autumn with much harsher conditions coming their way is mindblowing. I have complete and utter respect for these people. 
Facebook likes: 111 likes
Photo credit: @wanderlustofdill



Location: Kyrgyzstan: balances.clearance.along
Description: more free roaming beauties cross our path in the wilderness
Facebook likes: 109 likes
Photo credit: @brianswiftphotography


Location: Mongolia, replanted.migrated.viewer
Description: How often do you get to see snow tracing the ridgeline of sand dunes in the iddle of the Gobi Desert? Only for those who get up early enough after a snow storm to catch it before it all evaporates away into the Mongolian sky. 
Facebook likes: 106 likes
Photo credit: @wanderlustofdill



Location: Mongolia, torn.grained.disallowed
Facebook likes: 97 likes
Photo credit: @ThomSchultz


Location: Kazakhstan, revoluting.dutiful.disturbed
Facebook likes: 96 likes
Photo credit: @holy_grigory



Location: Kyrgyzstan, believably.unanimously.smitten
Description: Spending time with the Kyrgyz people is the highlight of what Kyrgyzstan has to offer 
Facebook likes: 90 likes
Photo credit: @Courtney.Terriah


Location: Kyrgyzstan, soulmate.undeserving.direction
Description: Ala-Kol lake, Kyrgyzstan 
Facebook likes: 90 likes
Photo credit: @makstour.kg



Location; Kyrgyzstan, encircling.teaching.intolerably
Description: Jety-Oguz, Kyrgyzstan 
Facebook likes: 80 likes
Photo credit: @makstour.kg


Location: Kazakhstan, combos.gentleman.ruffled
Description: We ride trough the Charyn canyons on mount bike. It was incredible to see all this red walls of canyon!
Facebook likes: 79 likes
Photo credit: @holy_grigory


If you fancy visiting some of these amazing places, and exploring further with what3words 3 word addresses check out our tours at indy-guide.com


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