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9 Places to visit Kyrgyzstan in Springtime

9 Places to visit Kyrgyzstan in Springtime

Mars 5 months ago
By Mars | Wednesday 4 March, 2020 4 March, 2020
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Kyrgyzstan enjoys the four seasons climate, each having a special beauty. 

Spring is unique in the country. The time when nature awakens from winter calmness. Trees start to blossom, meadows become covered with fresh green grass, snow starts to melt and fill the mountains rivers with cold alpine water. Air becomes fresh with winds blowing from mountains. 

There are 9 destinations to visit in springtime:

1. Ancient 11th Century Burana.  It's an ancient minaret located in Tokmok. The area is full of history with ancient stone sculptures graveyard and a museum.  

2. Chon Kemin National Park. The Valley is 2 hours drive from Bishkek and has its unique climate due to being closed with mountains range from all sides. Since are is a state-protected reserve its no wonder to see wild animals in the gorges. There are guest houses located right in the middle of nature. Horse riding is a great activity with panoramic views of the valley 

3. Canyons (Konorchek, Kok Moinok, and Fairy Tale). If you into canyons and would like to see red rocks then these picturesque and beautiful landscape canyons are waiting for you.  Konorchek requires a bit of walking 2.5 kilometers along the narrow gorge. Fairy tale canyon located on the south shore of Issyk Kul lake and accessible with a car. 

4. South shore of Issyk Kul. Eagle show in Bokonbaevo. Issyk Kul Lake is the 2nd largest Alpine Lake in the World. South shore of the lake has its own charm: There is no snow even in the wintertime. Bokonbaevo is a home for Kyrgyz traditional eagle breeders. Where this culture is conveyed from generations. It unique chance to see majestic Kyrgyz eagles, which weigh up 9 kg and wingspread is up 2 meters.  

5. Ak Suu Hot Springs and Gorge. Ak Suu Gorge is located in Karakol, at the east end of the Issyk Kul Lake. Ak Suu Gorge is 30 mins drive from Karakol and has natural hot springs with pools varying by water temperature from +30 to +55 Celcius. Pools are in the open air and located in the middle of the gorge adjacent to a mountain river with freezing alpine water.  Pools are a great place to relax in a warm pool. 

6. Jeti Oguz valley. Its most known valleys in Issyk Kul. Its name comes from gigantic seven red rocks reminding seven bulls. On the top of the valley, there is Kok Jayik pasture. Its features incredibly beautiful landscape with green meadows, alpine forest, and huge mountains.  

7. Circle drive from Chon-Ak-Suu to Kyrchyn to Semenov valleys. On the North shore of the lake, there are two gorges connected with a road pass and Kyrchyn valley which is home of Kyrgyz Nomad games. The circle drive is along the river then mountain pass with vast pastures by the pine forest. 

8. Suusamyr Valley. It's the valley which is on the way to the South of Kyrgyzstan. That is where the picturesque Too Ashu (Camel) pass is located. Valley attracts visitors with its vast pastures and huge mountains. It has its own climate as located at 1500-1800 meters above sea level. In early spring are would be still covered with snow and by the late spring, it becomes full green with snow glaciers on the top of mountains.

9. Ala Archa National Park. Classic destination - closest to the capital. It features various difficulty hiking trails and a waterfall at the end. Natural spots for a picnic along the river.