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Christmas holidays in Kyrgyzstan - why not?

Christmas holidays in Kyrgyzstan - why not?

Alex 2 years ago
By Alex | Wednesday 6 December, 2017 6 December, 2017
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The summer season is almost over and travellers begin to make their plans for the next year. Some are already unpacking their skies and snowboards for the winter season. I asked a friend of mine from the USA what do you think about a winter trip to Kyrgyzstan? He said that I'm nuts and people would never come to my country during winter.... Later on he got a job in Bishkek and we decided to make a trip around Issyk Kul lake in January. 

We started our trip from Bishkek to Cholpon Ata city.... The lake met us with a strong wind and deep grey color of the water.... Waves were really strong and tried to smash everything on the way. After an hour on the beach we came back to our guest house to spend this night in a warm room. )))


Next day, we left to Karakol town where the most popular ski base of Kyrgyzstan is situated. Later, we visited the Orthodox Church and Chinesse Mosque, we went to the Karakol national park. The ski base is located in the area of the park, so along with our snowboards we took our cameras with us. So we spent one full day snowboarding. If you like thermal spa you can visit Altyn Arashan place, but we did not have time for that. 


On the way back to Bishkek, we visit the Jeti Oguz gorge and Fairy Tale canyons.



So, we spent some very nice days and some of the views are even better in winter! 

You can plan this trip for 5 days and if you have time you can start this from Almaty (flights are cheaper). Winter does not mean end of the travel season. Kyrgyzstan is a very amazing country and you can visit it any time of the year!