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What to do in Turkmenistan

What to do in Turkmenistan

Murad 2 years ago
By Murad | Saturday 10 March, 2018 10 March, 2018
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Discover a Turkmen land for your journey list!  

Interesting places to see and take part in:

1.      To follow the route of Silk Roads; and visit Caravanserai

2.     Nature Resorts / Places – Darwaza Gas Crater, Karakum Desert, Kopetdag Mountains, Yangy Gala Canyon, Koytendag Natural Resort Place has Waterfalls, Canyons, Caves and Dinosaur Plateau;

Mud Volcanoes, Sumbar Valley, Mountains of the Moon, The Underground Lake, Garabogazgol Gulf and Caspian Sea.

Historical Places are under UNESCO protection: Merv there were 4 religious lived peaceful, Nisa started from 2nd century BC till 3 century AC. Konya – Urgench developed in 11th century AC

3.     An ancient settlement named Margiana or Gonur Depe. Over 5000 years ago this land was inhabited its places

4.     First religion named Zoroastrism in places Margiana, Merv and Nisa

5.     Excavations Artifacts such as ivory rhytons, statues, mosaic Rome and Greek culture influences; First money in Margaina, first pipe, parts of carts; and many more artifacts excavated from all historical places are shown in Museums of history in Ashgabat and in Mary cities

6.      Akhalteke horses

7.     Villages – Nokhur, Bukurdak, Erbent

8.     Alabay and Tazy hunting dogs, falkons

9.     Ethnography of Turkmen life

10.  National cuisine

11.  Carpet making and hand making Turkmen design.

12.  Traditional Folklore and instruments  

13.  Women Jewellery

14.  Seyidjemal-et-din Mosque the first mosque in 15th century AC.

15.  Orthodox churches

16.  New Mosque – dome covered with gold _ Mosque in Kipchak village

17.  The modern Ashgabat city of white Marble

18.  8/9 constructions are recorded into the book of Guinness World Records

Hiking, Nordic walking, Climbing, Golf games/ competitions, Akhalteke horses adventure tour of 1-2 days- (could be more depends on your chose) includes, show, ride, feed, look after hours; participate in making traditional food, carpet making or handy crafts – tours for historical places, nature resorts all these items we could combine in a tour program by your presences, just inform them to Us!!

Any tour wish or interest from traveler, we organize for 1 person and for a group of tourists from all over the world who would like to visit and see unique Turkmenistan.

We welcome you at any time!

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Turkmenistan Travel Agent

2 years ago

Wow…. that is super interesting. Thank you for the beautiful information about Turkmenistan, and I hope visit us again.