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Silk & Spices Festival in Bukhara

Silk & Spices Festival in Bukhara

Beck 1 month ago
By Beck | Thursday 16 January, 2020 16 January, 2020
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Saint Bukhara, the city which is situated on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road is going to open widely its doors to another magnificent festival “Silk & Spices” by the end of May. During these days Bukhara is will go back to the period of grand caravans. It will be colorful, it will be noisy, it will be full of people from the whole world. The city used to live so during nearly 2000 years.

Bukhara did not become a host to this fabulous event by chance. The city has deserved it with its old history, outstanding architecture and rich crafts. 

During three days every street of the city will be crowded with craftsmen of all Central Asia who will be demonstrating master-classes, every city is going to smell oriental spices & varieties of tea products, every corner in it will have mountains of fantastic knives, scarves & silk carpets, gold embroidery &…

The main objective for organizing this event is showing the progress of the local arts & crafts, colorful folklore & traditions as well as peaceful sky of sunny Uzbek Land. 

During our lifetime all of us discover new things, new places… and I highly believe that Uzbekistan is one of such little known places to discover.