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Mongolian tour Guide and Driver are important for your trip

Mongolian tour Guide and Driver are important for your trip

Delgermaa 16 days ago
By Delgermaa | Wednesday 18 September, 2019 18 September, 2019
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Your trip to Mongolia is often a once in a lifetime experience with great traveling companions of who are your tour guide and the driver. A driver who knows a non-mapped vast steppe like the back of his hand, and a guide who can enrich your sights with information of its culture and history. Your patient travels will never put you far from your window seat for it is the wilderness that governs the steppes of Mongolia. Sometimes you will find a plain, vacant sight with nothing but stones and gravels while other times or most times, you will find nature in its purest form. Occasional bumps through the road is a common thing. While the remoteness of the steppe is impossible to be paved, rare sights often require diversions out of your comfortable asphalt road.

You have so much waiting for you to see how Mongolian people with their land of 1.5 million square kilometers have in their life. On the road, you may repeatedly have a sight of the whole collection of Mongolian livestock and nomad lifestyle at once. See that mushroom-shaped white circle? That’s a yurt or as we call it “ger”. It’s never small neither big for a Mongolian family to rear up. It’s easy to carry and it’s sturdy enough to face four seasons.  Have you ever seen a myriad number of cows bowing to the ground for their daily nutrition, flock of sheep marching lethargically, goats ripping off the plants with their roots, and horses heaving nomads with all such casual elegance? Oh, and camels! When you see them on the road have yourself remind about them that they are the rarest form of their species with two humps. Not so long, you will get that they are the Gobi kings! But fear isn’t something you should be worrying about before getting close to them. With big eyes and extraordinarily long and silken eyelashes, they are more than their intimidating two meters long height - there lies so much empathy and warmth in their heart.     




Mongolia is unparalleled in a way that it requires almost from 100-200 kilometers to travel from one village to another. This distance makes any type of car exhaust by several technical issues and here our driver comes in. Tour drivers are mechanics themselves, so when your driver solves his transportation issues by his hands - just remember that this versatility is more to make your trip full of adventure rather than botching it up.  This is another proof of how nomadic lifestyles have been shaping the logistics of traveling.

Not having the luxury of asphalt roads means having an experienced driver is an essential element of the trip. On the road, you can easily find soaring eagles on carrion. Hawk and buzzard fly around your van, and while all this drifts before you - a good driver knows how and where to stop and show you the wilderness. Also, you won’t be able to find road marks in outdoors, but that’s not to be feared greatly! Good drivers have already memorized their specific routes.

Moreover, drivers and guides are the very first Mongolian people you will ever meet with. Common hallmarks for a Mongolian people are their gentle and kind disposition. If you find them smiling then be sure to think that’s their genuine expression of happiness.

The guide is very important. A few good people remain unforgettable in your time of travel. A good guide makes unique Mongolian vacation the tour of your lifetime. Authentic, good interpretations can be your meaningful connection between you and the Mongolian culture. The simplicity of nomadic culture and the historical monuments that are millions of years old could only be sufficiently interpreted by your guides. They will be the bridge between different cultures and will take off your worry of having fewer distractions while you do your adventurous traveling. There are many tribes and groups of people who have adopted different sides of Mongolian culture. Guides are the people who can communicate with them and allow you to understand those various ways of nomadic life.

Guides who are knowledgeable can even explain as to why Mongolians love breaking rules. Good guides can explain things such as the history of the Mongolian empire, Genghis Khan, nomadic lifestyle, geography, and the reasons as to why Dinosaur bones remained in such good condition in the steppes of Gobi, etc.

In Mongolia, you might do several things for the first time in your life such as visiting a family of nomads, staying in Ger (yurt), driving off-road and horse riding, etc. Some of them may make you get out of your comfort zone. For those occasions, the guide will be your person to connect you with your needs. The good guide should be passionate about traveling, people-person and confident with details of their job. And being flexible to your specific needs and individualized attention are the main things for your adventure in Mongolia. Good guides will turn your first time horseback rides into professional ones, long days into memorable and fun days. 

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