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Why I joined Indy Guide

Why I joined Indy Guide

Gauhar 1 years ago
By Gauhar | Wednesday 30 October, 2019 30 October, 2019
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Usually I would meet or accept guests from other parts of the world to show them Bishkek city and help them around if such help was required. One day, I had an unusual request from Ati and in his letter he explained that they were looking for guides and tours in Central Asia. I have sent the letter from Ati to my friends who work at the travel agencies in Bishkek as per his request and I have also joined this organization.  I thought why not? I know my city very well including our cultures and traditions and besides I can arrange the same city tours as I have been arranging for my friends from abroad.



Not long ago after joining I got an exciting news from Ati that I had a customer who was interested in my tour in Bishkek city. And I thought: WOW! This organization does really work and it is real!

By nature I am a responsible person and I felt more responsibility for my own country in particular as we are the ambassadors of our countries and many things depend on us. I have started to prepare for the arrival of my first customer. I wanted to make sure that the guest will know more about my country, our customs and traditions and most of all that they will know that it is a safe and a beautiful country to travel. As I know many foreigners are afraid to travel to Stan countries and I wanted to make sure that my customer will reveal the totally opposite side from their expectations and they would enjoy their stay and feel themselves welcomed and at home. Besides, it was also very important for me that after taking tours they will spread the word to their families, friends, neighbours and colleagues that it is a safe country to visit.

I support the mission of Indy Guide and I would like to express my gratitude for uniting all tours in CIS countries and in Mongolia in particular Ati and Alex in one place and thus helping local people and tourists. As many foreign people do not know about Central Asian countries and by the lack of information they also do not know of what kind of amazing opportunities they are missing. Fortunately, now through Indy Guide the tourist may easily find suitable tours to all Central Asian countries in one place.

As my hobby is decorating the facilities and everything related to the interior design I will collect the funds from this tours for the summer course on interior design in Spain for the next year.

Also I like that at Indy Guide you prepare your own tours and that it is reciprocal.

I wish prosperity, success and happiness to the Indy Guide team!

With best regards,

Photos by: Ahmet Kale, Gauhar's customer


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4 years ago

Kutty Bolsyn, Gauhar!!!

Ak Zhol!!

Aman Bol!!!

Good Luck!!!

Come and see us one day in Shymkent!


Best regards,

Dildabek Bekman




3 years ago

Many thanks Dildabek!

Best wishes,