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Indy Guide has integrated a revolutionary address system

Indy Guide has integrated a revolutionary address system

Ati 9 days ago
By Ati | Friday 13 January, 2017 13 January, 2017
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Where's the Kaindy lake located?
Where in the Gobi desert was the biggest dinosaur fossil found?
Where's the best camping spot in the Fann mountains?
Where's your Ger camp located?


Speaking of off the beaten track

Finding these places can become a challenge. We are happy to announce the integration of what3words (W3W) address system into our listings. W3W is a unique and easy to remember combination of 3 simple words that identifies any 3mx3m square anywhere on the planet, based on 57 trillion 3mx3m squares.

Central Asia & Mongolia are among the most sparsely populated regions of the world. Many regions don't even use addresses. Until now. A 3 word address can pinpoint exact locations for places which are difficult to find using conventional address systems or which are poorly signposted.

People can find places off the beaten track with ease. Fewer people will get lost and fewer people will get into difficulties. Travellers will spend more time enjoying sites and less time getting lost. Exploration becomes easier without addressing issues.