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Internet speed in Central Asia and Mongolia

Internet speed in Central Asia and Mongolia

Ati 4 hours ago
By Ati | Wednesday 6 December, 2017 6 December, 2017
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Some travellers ask us if they should bring a satellite phone with them. It's definitely a good idea if your into mountaineering or other extreme adventure activities. 

Yes, Central Asia and Mongolia are (luckily) off the beaten track and not affected by mass tourism. You will visit some of the most remote areas in the world. Yet still there's a good chance for you having a good signal on your mobile phone and and a satisfactory internet connectivity.

Buying and using a SIM card is quite easy and straightforward, data packages are fairly cheap. So you can call or facetime your friends & family from the Gobi desert in Mongolia or the Wakhan valley in Tajikistan.


Average Internet Connection Speed in Asia

Average internet connection speed in Asia


Country (Rank) Internet speed

Mongolia Internet Speed (65)

 7'558 kbps

Kazakhstan Internet Speed (70)

 7'372 kbps

Uzbekistan Internet Speed (106)

 5'036 kbps

Tajikistan Internet Speed (110)

 4'925 kbps

Kyrgyzstan Internet Speed (143)

 3'469 kbps

Turkmenistan Internet Speed (172)

 2'568 kbps


Country (Rank) Internet speed
South Korea (1) 26'468 kbps
Italy (63) 7'772 kbps
Turkey (64) 7'560 kbps
Malaysia (67) 7'421 kbps
South Africa (90) 6'078 kbps
Brazil (105) 5'059 kbps
Saudi Arabia (108) 4'952 kbps
China (118) 4'624 kbps
India (138) 3'733 kbps


 Source: Akamai's State of the internet report

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4 years ago

Yes, many travellers ask us, if they need to have a satellite phone. I am agree with you as good idea. As Mongolia is the most open country for tourists from other countries, they can buy SIM card for only few US dollars and use during the trip by Mongolia almost. But still you can not use these SIM cards for trekking, horse riding and other extreme tours, which routes go near borders, as we have most beautiful and picturique places there. For that case, you should use the border control posts, where you can make a call from. Off course, only a tour operators/agencies, who have a good experiences with local border police provide such safety tours by most remote places. To get a border permit from local border police is important for your safety firstly.



4 years ago

We carry a satellite phone on all our multi-day horse trips into the back country where there is no mobile access. I agree with Khanat here, that Mongolia has very good mobile coverage over most of the country for the general traveler and one need only to buy a SIM card that is compatible with most smart phones. One company, G-Mobile , which is used by many remote herders, has extended coverage, but you have to buy one of their phones and probably not worth it if only visiting the country for several weeks or months.



3 years ago

What abut Kyrgyzsta? How is the reception in the tian shen mountain if there any? 

Can I hire a satalite phone in Kyrgyzstan?




3 years ago

Hi. There might be signal in the mountain villages, but not in the unpopulated areas. I recommend to bring your own satellite phone.

Best regards