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Kazakhstan's Altai Mountains

Kazakhstan's Altai Mountains

Khanat 19 days ago
By Khanat | Wednesday 6 December, 2017 6 December, 2017
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Katon-Karagay is a unique region in Kazakhstan Altai on the border with Russia, China and Mongolia. There is Katon-Karagay state national park and Markakol reserve. Mountain peaks here, are combined with clear lakes, dense emerald forests with subalpine meadows; fast flowing rivers are combined with formidable, silent rocks. Animal world of reserves is rich and diverse. Brown bears, elk, foxes, lynx, Siberian stags, wolverine, sable, ermine, very rear red wolf, falcon, grouse, black stork, herring gull and many other animals inhabit these places.

Belukha Mountain is the highest peak of the Altai Mountains, located partially on the territory of Russia and also in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The highest point of Altai - Belukha (4506 m). This is a magic mountain. The snow-white pearl among the boundless sea of a taiga, fairy Belukha is not just a mountain, object for climbing. This is alive beating heart of Altai, the place of high energy. 

Markakol Lake, which lies in cavity, is 38 kilometers long, 19 kilometers wide and 27 meters deep. 27 lakes and flows feed this lake, but only Kalzhir River flows out of it. Water in Markakol is fresh and very soft; its main richness is uskuch, fish from salmon family.

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3 years ago

Altai - altyn besygym. Aman bol bauyrym. Kanday keremet zherymyz.

Very good pictures. Rahmet