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Kok-Tobe - one of the highest points in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kok-Tobe - one of the highest points in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Gulzhana 2 years ago
By Gulzhana | Monday 1 January, 2018 1 January, 2018
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Kok-tobe is definitely one of the places in Almaty you would want to visit! Lots of attractions and restaurants with a magnificent view of the city. It is the highest point in Almaty and not only has 372 meters TV tower but its own recreational area.

On the territory, you can make a wish to the fountain of desires in the shape of an apple, have a go at different attractions, such as a climbing wall, the Fast Coaster ride and the ferris wheel, and visit the art gallery and tea house. In addition to these attractions, on the Kok-Tobe there are viewing platforms, a petting zoo, a concert hall, a lovers alley, ponds, Beatles monument, and shops selling national souvenirs.

The cableway transports you from its departing point in the city near Hotel Kazakhstan to the park. The whole trip to the mountain takes only 6-8 minutes. Besides cableway, you can take a shuttle bus or travel by foot. Due to environmental reasons, it is not allowed to drive there by car.