Kyrgyzstan's Events & Festivals in 2019

Kyrgyzstan's Events & Festivals in 2019

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Events and Festivals in Kyrgyzstan

This is the complete list of holidays, events and festivals in Kyrgyzstan. Let's complete it together. 

Please use the comments below for additions and corrections. Thank you!


Kyrgyzstan in January

Date Event/Holiday/Festival
1 January New Year
7 January Orthodox Christmas Day
20 January Annual Ski Challenge Arslanbob
Location: Arslanbob, Contact: Hayat
The CBT will arrange lunch and a folklore show during the event. It is recommended you report to the CBT office on the 25th of January so you can be placed in a home stay and receive information about the event.
25 January Horseball Game in Toktogul
Location: Toktogul, Contact: Gulmairam
The game will be between kyrgyz and french team. It is considered to be so exciting. After the game there will be a winning party in a local restaurant.

Kyrgyzstan in February

23 February Day of the Defenders of the Motherland
The holiday is celebrated with parades and processions in honor of veterans, and women also give small gifts to men in their lives, especially husbands (or boyfriends, fiancés), fathers, sons and brothers.


Kyrgyzstan in March

8 March International Women's Day
It’s a serious holiday Central Asia. Wifes, girlfriends and mothers receive gifts and flowers
21 March Nauruz
Persian “New Year” and will be celebrated with festivals, dance and family celebrations.


Kyrgyzstan in April 

x April Bishkek Jazz Festival 
Bishkek City tours


Kyrgyzstan in May

1 May International Labor Day
1 May Orthodox Easter
5 May Constitution Day Kyrgyzstan
May (tbd) Bike Challange Arslanbob
Location: Arslanbob
Kyrgyzstan tours
A unique adventure in the mountains is waiting for you. Enjoy the beauty of wonderful lakes and different villages. During the event there will be a music show featuring live singing and dancing with a modern sound system, traditional wrestling, traditional horse games Er-Enish, donkey racing, and traditional game by pulling a rope.
9 May Victory Day Kyrgyzstan
Military parades are held to memorialize the victory of the Soviet Union over Germany in the WWII. 
May (tbd) Run the Silk Road
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Kyrgyzstan in June

June (tbd) Carpet Festival
Location: Tash-Bashat
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26 June Orozo Ait
Eid-al-Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. It marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer.


Kyrgyzstan in July (dates may change)

1-2 July Karakol town birthday celebration
General celebration of the town 149 years anniversary - cultural program - concerts, exhibitions in the city center.
Mid July (tbd) Sabantui
Tatar holiday celebrated by some of the roughly 40 thousand Tatars in the country.
Mid July (tbd) Nomad's Movement and National Horse Games Festival
Chyiyrchyk Jailoo
Kyrgyzstan tours
National horse games, folklore show and Kyrgyz cuisine.
July Ethno-Fest South-Shore
Location: Ton, Issyk-kul
Kyrgyzstan tours
July National Uzbek Cuisine Festival
Location: Jalalabad
Kyrgyzstan tours
July Night Ethno-festival
Kyrgyzstan tours 
Demonstration of diversity and rich cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people; show the guests of the city the beauty and splendor of national costumes, reflecting the history and originality of the Kyrgyz; Call for unity the peoples living in the Issyk-Kul region and throughout Kyrgyzstan.
July Yak and National Horse Games Festival
Location: Sary-Mogol village, Chong-Alay region
Kyrgyzstan tours
National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei, Er-Enish; Folklore show; Kyrgyz cuisine. 
July At Chabysh Festival
Location: Peak Lenin Base Camp
Kyrgyzstan tours
Cultural and sportive festival in Murghab devoted to horses with horse races and games. It is about Kyrgyz traditions.
July National Horse Games Festival
Location: On the North-Eastern Shore of Song-Kol lake
Kyrgyzstan tours
July National Horse Games Festival
Location: Kyzyl-Oi
Kyrgyzstan tours
National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Er-Enish; Folklore show; Kyrgyz cuisine.
July Kyrgyz Traditions and Ceremonies Festival
Location: Chong-Kemin valley, Karool-Döbö village
Kyrgyzstan tours
Demonstration of traditional ceremonies and traditional music.


Kyrgyzstan in August (dates may change)

 August Taigan and Burkut (Eagle) Festival
Location: Tamchy village
Kyrgyzstan tours
Demonstration of hunting with Golden Eagles and traditional nomad games
August Kurak and Terme Festival
Location: Kara-Alma village
Kyrgyzstan tours
Demonstration how to make kurak and terme, national handicraft. Master-class for participants. Folklore show.
August Birds or Prey Festival
Location: Bokonbayevo, Jaichy Yurt Camp, on the Southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake
Kyrgyzstan tours
Demonstrations of hunting with a Golden Eagle and folklore show.
August Ashlynfu Fest
Kyrgyzstan tours
Show a unique brand of the city through the prism of the various cultures that live in it. Everything about Ashlyanf and how to make it, competitions and Dungan cultural concert.
August Osh Fest
Location: Osh
Kyrgyzstan tours
Silk Road caravan, Folklore show, Master classes, Food festival
August National Horse Games Festival
Location: Kochkor, Batai-Aral Yurt camp, on the North-Eastern shore of Song-Kol lake
Kyrgyzstan tours
National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tiyin-Engmei, Er-Enish, ; Folklore show, Kyrgyz cuisine.
August Independence Day Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan tours
Festivals in all the cities celebrate the independence of the Soviet Union. In Bishkek the traditional game, kokpar, will be played in the hippodrome.


Kyrgyzstan in September

September Kurban Ait
The Feast of Sacrifice is the highest Islamic festival and is celebrated at the climax of the pilgrimage to Mecca.
September  Nukura Fest Naryn
Location: Naryn
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Kyrgyzstan in October 

6. October Autumn marathon in the walnut forest 8 km 
Location: Arslanbob


Kyrgyzstan in November

7 November Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution 

Kyrgyzstan in December

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3 years ago

It seems that you missed 2 and 3 Jan being public holidays.  Also no mention in November of the Great October Revolution.



3 years ago

Thank you Mike, we'll add those.



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You've already written all the holidays, even more remains to add only 5 May Constitution Day in Kyrgyzstan and 7 November, I do not remember the name of the holiday



3 years ago

Thank you. We'll add those. 7 November is the Great October Revolution.