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Festival Dates in Kyrgyzstan - 2020

Festival Dates in Kyrgyzstan - 2020

Ati 3 hours ago
By Ati | Thursday 16 January, 2020 16 January, 2020
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This is the list of Festivals in Kyrgyzstan. For changes and additions, please email us. 


Festivals in January

  • 25th January: Ski Challenge Arslanbob | Location: Arslanbob village, (Jalalabat Oblast) | Join us in Arslanbob in Southern Kyrgyzstan for our annual ski challenge and enjoy the beauty of Arslanbob’s walnut forest in winter. In addition to this unique experience, we offer you a real Kyrgyz-Uzbek folklore show.


Festivals in February


Festivals in March

  • 21st March: Nooruz Festival | Location: Jalalabat & All over Kyrgyzstan | The cooking process for Sumolok, as well as “Kuk chuchvara”, “Kuk samsa” and “Kocho ash”.


Festivals in April


Festivals in May

  • 9th May: Bike Challenge Arslanbob | Location: Arslanbob village, (Jalalabat Oblast) | Join us and explore the amazing landscape of the Jalalabat region. A unique adventure in the mountains is waiting for you. Enjoy the beauty of our wonderful lakes and different villages. We offer you a real Kyrgyz-Uzbek folklore show.


Festivals in June

  • 20th June: Festival “Kurak, terme, saima, oimo” | Location: Barpy village (Jalalabat Oblast) | Demonstration of making: kurak, saima, terme, oimo.


Festivals in July

  • 4th July: Agro Fest | Location: Jaichy yurt camp (southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village) | Folklore concert, felt show, exhibition of home animals, Kyrgyz national games, wool made dressing exhibition, Kyrgyz food tasting, National Horse Games
  • 25th July: National Horse Games Festival (Kochkor) | Location: Batai-Aral Yurt camp, on the northeastern shore of Son-Kol Lake | National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, KyzKuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei, Er-Enish; Folklore show; Kyrgyz cuisine
  • 26th July: National Horse Games Festival (Kyzyl-Oi) | Location: Kyzyl-Oi village (Suusamyr Valley) | National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, KyzKuumai, Er-Enish; Folklore show; Kyrgyz cuisine.


Festivals in August

  • 6th August: National Horse Games and Birds of Prey Festival (Tamchy) | Location: Tamchy village (northern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul lake) | Demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle; show of Kyrgyz national games “Ulak-Tartysh” and “Tyiyn-Enmei”
  • 15th August: Birds of Prey Festival (Bokonbaevo) | Location: Jaichy yurt camp (southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village) | Demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle; folklore show; exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs; tasting of Kyrgyz cuisine.
  • 29th August: National Uzbek cuisine festival (Jalalabat) | Location: Jalalabat (Jalalabat Oblast) | Cooking forgotten traditional dishes of Kyrgyz and Uzbek cuisines. Tour of the vineyard and fruit tasting. Folk concert.


Festivals in September


Festivals in October

  • 3rd October: Autumn marathon In the walnut forest 8km | Location: Arslanbob village (Jalalabat Oblast) | Photo exhibition and local sale handicrafts, folklore show, wrestling with kids, donkey racing


Festivals in November


Festivals in December



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4 years ago

It seems that you missed 2 and 3 Jan being public holidays.  Also no mention in November of the Great October Revolution.



4 years ago

Thank you Mike, we'll add those.



4 years ago

You've already written all the holidays, even more remains to add only 5 May Constitution Day in Kyrgyzstan and 7 November, I do not remember the name of the holiday



4 years ago

Thank you. We'll add those. 7 November is the Great October Revolution.