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Lake Markakol - the Pearl of Eastern Kazakhstan

Lake Markakol - the Pearl of Eastern Kazakhstan

anaru6ka 3 years ago
By anaru6ka | Monday 1 January, 2018 1 January, 2018
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Markakol is the most beautiful lake in Eastern Kazakhstan. The adjacent reserved lands are as beautiful as the lake itself. The pride of the state Markakol reserve is not only a lake, but also taiga forests, clear mountain rivers, bright keys. The animal and plant world of this corner of our republic is diverse and rich.

These places are famous for their successful fishing, which by law is permitted in the rivers of Uranhika. Local yegeri lead you to the best corners of the reserve, where you can relax, take beautiful pictures, listen to birds singing and enjoy the aromas of rare plants.

In the village there is a guest house, where you can spend a few days, you will be offered a national cuisine made from organic products.

Travel is carried out on a comfortable jeep.

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