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Let's educate 10 girls in Tajikistan

By Ati | Saturday 12 November, 2016 12 November, 2016

It's time to give back. The people in Tajikistan live in harsh conditions, up to 4'000m above sea level. Eventhough they don't own much, we could experience their hospitality and generosity ourselves.

In collaboration with the Central Asia Institute, we are raising money via Crowdfunding to help needy girls to go to school. With only 80$ we can send one girl to school for a whole month. We want to raise 10’000$ and get an education for as many girls as possible. We expect to support 10 girls for one year. 

Together we can provide a new perspective to 10 girls and their families. Even a few dollars are enough to brighten their future.  

Your donation goes directly to the Central Asia Institute and 100% of your donation goes to our cause in Tajikistan.

If you can't donate today, please help us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

On behalf of the girls, thank you for your support and your donation. Rahmat 

Alex & Ati
The founders of Indy Guide




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10 months ago

Dear Alex & Ati,

Thank you for initiative and project.  This is extremely important. We are all human beings and should help each other, especially to suffering children and elderly. We who are working in traveling and tourist business see more than others. Moreover to help to needed is not only strong tradition but law of life in Steppe and Central Asia.  Finally our goal is to bring happiness to people.  Godspeed you!

Kind regards,




10 months ago

Thank you Dildabek! We are passionate about the countries and people we work for. Best regards

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