Mongolia's Events & Festivals in 2019

Mongolia's Events & Festivals in 2019

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Events and Festivals in Mongolia 

This is the complete list of holidays, events and festivals in Mongolia. Let's complete it together. 

Please use the comments below for additions and corrections. Thank you! 


Mongolia in January

Date Event/Holiday/Festival
1 January New Year
13 January Constitution Day Mongolia


Mongolia in February

x February Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival
Location: Ulaanbaatar
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Traditional games include ice archery, ice shooting and these games, traditional artistic performances, fashion shows for tourists. Modern winter games include ice skating, skiing, paragliding, dog sledding, ice wall climbing, winter cycling and snowboarding.

Tsagaan Sar
The Mongolian Lunar New Year, commonly known as Tsagaan Sar is the first day of the year according to the Mongolian lunar calendar.


Mongolia in March

1 March Patriot's Day
March (tbd) Khovsgol Ice Festival
Location: Khovsgol lake
Ice Festival tours
Ice Festival on the frozen Khovsgol lake including ice sculpting, ice sumo, ice ankle bone shooting and horse sled races. Program: Skate competition, Horse and sledge races, Traditional game “Ice Shooting”, Marching of horses with sledges, Sledge horse race, 1st round of skating marathon for 100km, Car driving competition on ice, Reindeer race, Catching reindeer with lasso competition, Short distance skating race (2 кm), Wrestling on ice, Tug-of-war on ice
March (tbd) Ulaanbaatar Eagle Festival
Location: Ulaanbaatar
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About 20 eagle hunters participate in this festival including eagle hunting demonstrations and traditional Kazakh horse games
March (tbd) Thousand Camel Festival
Location: Bulgan soum, Umnugobi (South Gobi) aimag
Camel Festival tours
Festival to help protect the Bactrian camel including camel races, camel polo competitions and traditional performances of Mongolian music and dance
8 March International Women's Day
18 March Soldier's Day
21-22 March Nauryz Eagle Festival
Khukh Serkhiin Nuruu
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Mongolia in April

7 April Health Day
26 April Intellectual Property Day


Mongolia in May

15 May Family Day


Mongolia in June

16-18 June (tbc) Mongolia Action Asia 3 Day Ultra Marathon
Location: Ulaanbaatar
Running in the Steppes on the edge of Siberia for a true nomadic experience. Location will be 4 - 5 hours south of UB and different as don't want to repeat same location as keeping it fresh every year.


Mongolia in July

5-8 July (tbc) Tsaatan Festival
"Dalai Tour" tourist camp, Khatgal village, Huvsgul aimag
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10 July  Political Flag Day
10 July (tbc) Deeltei Mongol Festival
Chinggis Square, Ulaanbaatar city
18:00- 19:00 Opening Ceremony
19:00- 20:00 Parade of participants dressed in national costumes
20:00- 21:00 Ceremony of the Nine White Banners
22:00- 23:00  “Three Dramatic Characters” Opera
11-13 July Naadam Holiday
Naadam tours

Mongolia's biggest holiday. The festival is also locally termed as "the three games of men".
15 July (tbc) Altai Nomad's Festival
Location: near Sagsai village, Bayan-Olgii province

Altai Festival tours
Festival with traditional nomadic games are based on horseback like “BushKushi” (try to take the goat skin from each other), “Kiss woman on horseback”, “Pick up coins from the land on horseback”, horse races and others. You will be with many local nomads dressed in their traditional clothing. In the evening we enjoy there’s a Kazakh concert with some traditional songs and music.
23 July (tbc) Yak Festival
Location: Orkhon valley
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29 July (tbc) Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100/42 trail run
Location: Khovsgol lake


Mongolia in August

4 August (tbc) Western Mongolian Traditional Folk Art Festival
Location: Turgen soum, Uvs aimag

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Program: Opening ceremony, Western Mongolian folk concert, Awarding ceremony of best talent, Opening ceremony of Children’ Mini Naadam, Children’ wrestling, 2-year-old horses or foals racing, Betted adult wrestling, Betted Stallion racing, Betted 6-year-old horse racing, Prizing activity for horse racing, Prizing activity for wrestlers, Closing ceremony
5 August (tbc) Journey of 99 little warriors
Location: Tsaidam, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province

Mongolia tours 
Program: Experience the lifestyle of children, everyday activities and Naadam Festival of Children, Foal horses racing of 99 little warriors, Wrestling of children, Archery of children, Listen to the GiinGoo (song for horses) of children, Performance of Children with traditional costumes, Cultural performance- “ Bloom Of the Flower” ensemble’s concert, Adult wrestling of 32 wrestlers, Local Archery competition, Awarding: 120 participant children & adult wrestlers (with a purpose of encouraging them for their labor)
11-19 August (tbc) Mongolia Bike Challenge
Location: Tuv-Arkhangai-Bayankhongor-Uvurkhangai province
18 August (tbc) Horse Festival
Location: At the complex "Mongol tumeny ikh shuteen", Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai aimag

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Program: Stake race of foal horses, Ambler horses demonstration, Lassoing a horse, Grabbing a lasso pole from land on top a running horse, Horse bucking, ”Guutei ailiin guzeetei huu" Airag (fermented milk of mares) drinking competition, ”Do you know Dembee" airag drinking game, ”Aravdakh" Ten fingers game, Lassoing a horse from top of a running horse, Traditional ankle bones horse racing game (participating tourists), Gathering up the ankle bones game (participating tourists), Mongolian handwork exhibition (bridle, rein, saddle and lasso pole etc), Auction of foal horses with fast ancestry
25 August (tbc) Gobi Naadam Festival
Location: South Gobi, near Khongory Els Sand Dunes
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25 August Youth's Day


Mongolia in September

10 September Repression Victims' Day
15-16 September (tbc) Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival
Location: Near Sagsai village, Bayan-Olgii province
Eagle Festival tours
Small eagle festival features about 40 eagle hunters and their eagles.
17 September Gobi International Marathon
From Moltsog Els to Bayanzag, Bulgan soum, Umnugobi aimag (South Gobi province)


Mongolia in October

1 October Elders' Day
6 - 7 October Golden Eagle Festival
Location: Near Olgii, Bayan-Olgii province

Eagle Festival tours
The biggest eagle festival of Mongolia with about 70-80 participating eagle hunters.
14 October Altai Nomad Games
Location: Altai sum, Bayan-Olgii province

Eagle Festival tours
The last nomadic & eagle festival of Mongolia in a picturesque spot of the Altai mountains
29 October Capital City Day
Location: Ulaanbaatar 


Mongolia in November

3 November Winter Horse Festival
Batnorov soum, Khentiy Province 
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26 November Republic's Day Mongolia


Mongolia in December 

10 December Human Rights Day
29 December Independence Day Mongolia