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 Festival Dates of Mongolia - 2020

Festival Dates of Mongolia - 2020

Ati 1 day ago
By Ati | Wednesday 19 February, 2020 19 February, 2020
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This is the list of festival dates in Mongolia. For changes and additions, please email us.


Update: Some events until the end of March might be canceled due to the CoronaVirus (source).    

Festivals in February 

  • 22nd - 24th February: Nomads of Altai Festival| Location: Ulgii (Boken mountain), Bayan-Ulgii province
  • 24th - 26th February: Lunar New Year - Tsagaan Sar | Location: All over Mongolia


Festivals in March

  • 2nd - 3rd March: Ice Festival of Mongolia | Location: Khovsgol Lake
  • 4th - 5th March: Spring Golden Eagle Festival | Location: Chinggis Khaanii Khuree Complex
  • 6th - 7th March: Thousand Camel Festival | Location: Bulgan town, Umnugovi province
  • 7th - 8th March: Silver Reeds Festival 2020| Location: Khar-Us lake, Khovd province
  • 21st - 23rd March: Nauryz (Spring / New Life) Festival | Location: Kazakh ethnic minorities throughout Mongolia


Festivals in April


Festivals in May

  • May (3rd week): Yak Festival | Location: Khankhongor soum, Umnu-govi province


Festivals in June

  • 6th June: Nomadic Naadam (Mini Naadam) | Location: Mongol nomadic camp (55km from Ulaanbaatar to the west)
  • 13th June: Annual Crane Festival | Location: Binder soum, Khentii province 
  • 16th June: Nomadic Naadam (Mini Naadam) | Location: Mongol nomadic camp (55km from Ulaanbaatar to the west)
  • 26th June: Mongolian Gobi Ultra Marathon MGU 225KM 2020 | Location: Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune 
  • 27th June: Nomadic Naadam (Mini Naadam) | Location: Mongol nomadic camp (55km from Ulaanbaatar to the west)
  • 29th - 30th June: Hunnu music festival | Location: Tsonjin Boldog, Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue


Festivals in July

  • 3rd - 5th July: Play time festival | Location: Gachuurt village, 30 km from Ulaanbaatar | Biggest outdoor Mongolian live music festival
  • 6th July: Nomadic Culture Festival | Location: Teeliin Gol, Erdenekhairkahn soum, Zavkhan province
  • 7th - 8th July: Tsaatan festival | Location: Khatgal village, Khovsgol province
  • 10th July: National Costume festival Mongolia | Location: Chinggis square, Ulaanbaatar city
  • 11th - 13th July: National Naadam festival | Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • 22nd July: Yak Festival | Location: Bat-ulziit soum, Uvurkhangai province


Festivals in August

  • 5th August: Journey to Little 99 warriors | Location: Tsaidam camp, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province
  • 7th August: Orkhon Valley Horse Festival | Location: Tsaidam bag, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province
  • 8th - 9th August: Sand festival in western Mongolia | Location: Gun Nuur, Mongolian Great Sand, Gobi-Altai province
  • 18th August: Mongol Yak Festival | Location:  Ikh Tamir, Arkhangai province


Festivals in September

  • 15th - 16th September: Altai Nomad Games | Location: Altai soum, Bayan-Ulgii province
  • 17th - 18th September: Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival | Location: Sagsai village, Bayan-Ulgii province
  • 19th - 20th September: Altai Eagle Festival | Location: Tolbo, Bayan-Ulgii province


Festivals in October

  • 3rd - 4th October: Golden Eagle Festival | Location: Bugat village, Bayan-Ulgii province


Festivals in November 

  • November (3rd weekend): Steppe Winter Horses | Location: Khentii province