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#ALTAIPhotoContest - Win a Pair of ALTAI™ OUTDOOR BOOTS!

#ALTAIPhotoContest - Win a Pair of ALTAI™ OUTDOOR BOOTS!

Ati 4 hours ago
By Ati | Sunday 1 March, 2020 1 March, 2020
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#ALTAIPhotoContest - Win the perfect Outdoor Boots for your next adventure trip!

Did you know there is a brand for outdoor boots named ALTAI™, inspired by the Altai mountain range? The same Altai Mountain range in Central Asia that inspired Ati & Alex to launch INDY GUIDE for travelers and local hosts.

The golden mountains, the mighty Altai mountain range between Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, and China still bears a sense of mystery and adventure. Snow-covered peaks and lush green meadows shape the scenery. What more adventure does an explorer want? Show us your photo of your Altai mountain adventure and win one of two pairs of ALTAI™ outdoor boots.

Leveraging the patented SuperFabric® brand materials the ALTAI™ brand has created a revolutionary tactical boot that is remarkably lightweight, extremely comfortable, and downright durable

Share your Altai mountain adventure - Post your photo and win awesome, multi-functional ALTAI™ boots!


How to enter:

  1. Follow @indy.guide & @altai_gear on Instagram
  2. Post your photo from the Altai region on Instagram using the hashtag #ALTAIPhotoContest
  3. The jury of INDY GUIDE and ALTAI™ will select the TOP 10 posts and put them up for voting
  4. The 2 submissions with the most likes will win a pair of ALTAI™ outdoor boots of their choice


Photo submissions: March 1st - 31st 2020, midnight (CET)

Voting: April 13th - 26th 2020, midnight (CET)

The winners will be announced on the 27th of April on Instagram. All submitted photos must be legally owned by the participant. ALTAI™ and INDY GUIDE are allowed to use the material for their own marketing purposes (always including photo credentials). This giveaway is no way affiliated with Instagram.


About ALTAI™:

Leveraging research and technology alongside superior innovations, such as proprietary, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material, ALTAI™ boasts a revolutionary line of boots that are extremely comfortable, remarkably lightweight, and downright durable.