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Revelation of a Hiker - 4000+ m

Revelation of a Hiker - 4000+ m

Vladimir 1 month ago
By Vladimir | Sunday 8 December, 2019 8 December, 2019
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At the altitudes higher than 4000 meters above the sea level, there is already a feeling of oxygen deprivation which has a nice scientific definition - Cerebral Hypoxia. It occurs when there is no sufficient oxygen getting to your brain.

And that is when a lot of interesting things start to happen...

First, this feeling of inhaling air to the fullest but only 2/3 of it going to your lungs can scare you, and lead you to the best encounter of your life - with your inner self, with your core. This person will amaze you with some thoughts and doubts about which you didn't have a guess before... That is a very profound self-discovery mind journey, and this meeting can benefit you in the future on a lot of unexpected occasions.

Second compelling thing - these altitudes already show off the egoism and total self-care of alpinists. When we were almost at the top of Soviets Peak (4317 m), it was already close to Sunset and a long way down in the dark was still waiting for us. And by that time we met few people climbing down and wishing us good luck, but in reality, it was certain that if something is going to happen to you here and now - you will stay on your own hundred percent. And there is no shame in that at all actually, those who climb and hike will understand. At these heights, your instinct for surviving prevails and dominates all your other desires, beliefs and morals. That day really unveiled curtains for me a little bit to see and understand what happens on Everest, and why there are so many frozen souls laying in eternal ices alone...

The one more thing I want to address is also important and that is about your team - the people with who you have started this hike, having tonnes of fun and good emotions... In the mountains expect them to change their usual personality, those doubts and uncertainties will really show you who is who. And that is a great thing about Mountains, they never lie.

Location: Soviets Peak 4317 m altitude

By Vladimir