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Advice for Self-Driving Driving Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Advice for Self-Driving Driving Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Alex 1 day ago
By Alex | Friday 29 March, 2019 29 March, 2019
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Rules of the Road Here in Kyrgyzstan 

Self-driving tours are a lot of fun and it can be a great fit for independent travelers that want to explore more than the common traveler.  It’s supper easy to drive here in Kyrgyzstan and most of the country side is dirt roads with little to no traffic.  I would like to give you some advice about driving here in Kyrgyzstan and hopefully rent you one of my camper vans here in KyrgyzstanAlso check out a short film about my trips.

What are the speed limits?

  • Inside the city center do not drive more than 40 kph
  • Outside of the city center do not drive more than 80 kph (watch out for speed traps on the main roads)
  • Once you enter a town the speed limit is 60 kph but it’s always recommend to slow down to 40 kph once you are in the center of the town.
  • Watch out for “special speed zones” marked 40 kph.  It should last for 300 meters or to the next marked sign that sates the speed limit.
  • What happens if I get stopped by the police?
  • It’s common that police stand on the side of the road with an orange stick and they will point it at you and sing for you to pull over.  Once you pull over wait for the police officer to great you.
  • The police will ask for the car’s passport not your personal passport.  The car passport is the technical document for the car.  The car passport has all registration and necessary documents for the police.
  • The police will ask for your driver’s license and your international driver’s license or your translation of your driver’s license. 
  • It’s not recommended to show the rental contract with the police.  It’s never a good idea to show the police how much money you paid for your rental or to give them extra paper work.
  • If you get stopped for speeding make sure to ask kindly to see the video of you speeding.  99% of the time the police will have a camera showing your speed. 

How much should I pay for a speeding ticket?

  • Most of the fines cost between 1000 to 3000 SOM.  Below I listed the common prices that the police can charge. 
  • It’s best if you pay the fines on the spot using your Visa / Mastercard card.  According to the law the police must allow you to pay by your credit card.

Helpful phrases:

Red is in the Kyrgyz Language and Blue is in Russian Language

How much is it? Канча сом турат? Сколько это будет стоить?

It’s too expensive for me. Абдан эле кымбат ко. Это очень дорого для меня.

Can I pay by credit card? Кредиттик карточка менен төлөсөм болобу? Могу ли я заплатить с кредитки?  

What are the common reason why police pull someone over?

  • Make sure you always have your headlights on all the time even during the day time.  Make sure to have your main headlights on the running lights are not good enough. 
  • Always keep your eye open for pedestrians.  Crosswalks are common places where police wait for drivers to not wait for pedestrians to cross.  Make sure to watch out for all pedestrians at cross walks! 
  • It’s not allowed to turn right on a red light anywhere in Kyrgyzstan.   
  • Always keep your seat belts on!  The police are always watching for this! 

What is the Alcohol limits for driving in Kyrgyzstan?

  • The alcohol limit in Kyrgyzstan is 0.0.  Please refrain from drinking any alcohol and driving.  If the police smell alcohol on you they assume that you are drunk.  Also, make sure you do not have any open bottles of alcohol in your jeep.

Helpful phrase:

Red is in the Kyrgyz Language and Blue is in Russian Language

I do not drink. Alcohol is bad for health. Мен ичпейм. Алкоголь ден-соолукка зыян. Я не пью. Алкоголь - вреден для здоровья. 

What happens if I get in a small car crash?

  • Seek all medial accidences right away.  
  • Call your rental company.
  • Always call the police so that you can obtain a police report no matter how small the accident is.

Helpful phrases to use when talking with the police:

  • Red is in the Kyrgyz Language and Blue is in Russian Language
  • I don’t understand you. Түшүнбөдүм. Я вас не понимаю.
  • I don’t know Kyrgyz/Russian. Мен кыргызча/орусча билбейм. Я не знаю по кыргызски/по русски.
  • Do you know English? Англисче билесизби? Знаете по английски?
  • How do you say it in English? Англисче муну кандай айтам? Как это сказать по-анлийски?
  • We need an interpreter. Бизге котормочу керек. Нам нужен переводчик.
  • Can you speak more slowly? Кичине жайыраак сүйлөңүзчү? Не могли бы вы говорить медленнее?
  • Could you repeat that, please? Кайталап койуңузчу? Повторите, пожалуйста!
  • Put yourself in my shoes! Өзүңүздү менин ордума коюп көрүңүзчү! Поставьте себя на моѐ место!
  • Don’t pressure me! Кыйнабаңыз! Не давите!

*This is not a complete list of rules or laws in Kyrgyzstan but they are the highlights that can keep you out of trouble here in Kyrgyzstan.  Be ready to meet Kyrgyz police offers when you are on your trip but don’t get stressed too much they can be quite friendly and easy going.

Kyrgyzstan Driving Laws

The prices are all in Kyrgyz SOM which is ~68 SOM to 1 dollar.