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Siberia & Lake Baikal

Siberia & Lake Baikal

Ati 9 days ago
By Ati | Sunday 11 November, 2018 11 November, 2018
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Ancient lake Baikal located in Siberia is the biggest, deepest and one of the most beautiful lakes on Earth. Baikal is amazing, and it's not for nothing that Siberians call it not a lake but a sea. Water is unusually transparent, so that you can see through it, as through air; its color is soft, turquoise, pleasant to the eye. The banks of Baikal are mountainous and covered with forests. It might seem Baikal should suppress a man with his greatness and size - everything is large, wide, free and mysterious - on the contrary it raises him. A feeling of elation and spirituality is experienced on Lake Baikal. Nowhere else will you have a feeling of such full and so desired fusion with nature and penetration into it.


Since immemorial time indigenous people and Russians, who came to its shores, and traveling foreigners called Baikal "holy sea", "holy lake", "holy water", bowing before his majestic, unearthly secret and beauty . Wild people, and people for their time enlightened worshiped Baikal. For the former it was primarily mystical, while for latter - aesthetic and scientific feeling. The man always got frightened at the sight of Baikal, because he acted on the soul not how it usually acts the "indifferent" nature. It was something special, unusual and "God-made."


How and with what one can really compare his beauty? It is pointless to compare, giving preference to something, the ice of Greenland with the Sahara sands, the Siberian taiga with the Central Russian steppe, even the Caspian and Baikal can only convey their impressions of them. All this is beautiful with its beauty and amazingly with its life. Most often, attempts at comparison in such cases stem from our unwillingness or inability to see and feel the uniqueness of the picture, the quivering and alarming existence of it.

Baikal is so diverse. On a wonderful summer day everything around is calm enjoying the sun. And on exactly the same day when the sun is shining and the air is almost motionless, Baikal can rage. You look, and you do not believe your eyes: quiet and peace and the rumble of water. Or when winds instantly, with a crazy force fly from the river valleys and are able to do a lot of trouble on Baikal, sometimes raising a wave to four and six meters high. Or northern Baikal in all its harsh and pristine beauty, among which the sense of time and a measure of human affairs are lost. Or a sandy bay, where sunny days a year more than in the southern resorts and the water is heated in the summer, no less than in the Black Sea.


Or Baikal in winter, when cleaned by winds transparent ice seems so thin that under it as under a magnifying glass, lives and moves the water, and yet under the feet can be a meter or more thick. And Baikal mirages: a sailboat rushes to meet you with a loose white canvas; or the medieval castle; or mirage swans on the lake. It is a normal phenomenon, which is associated with many beautiful legends and beliefs. Baikal is constantly different and never repeats himself, every moment he changes in colors and shades, in weather, movements and spirit. Mighty, rich, majestic, beautiful by many and many beauties, regal and undiscovered, unconquered. Baikal is created not for production needs, but in order that we can drink from it the water, its main and priceless wealth, admire its majestic beauty and breathe its reserved air. He never refused to help a man, but only to the extent that the water remained clean, the beauty untouched, the air not clogged, and the life in it and around it - unspoiled.

Summer Baykal region attractions.

Boat cruises over the Lake Baikal and one of its most beautiful part the “Maloye More” (Small Sea).


You can get fishing tours or fish from the shore. Baikal is famous of its unique fish like “Omul’ ” (arctic cisco) and Baikal’s sturgeon.


Sunbathing is awesome on Baikal. Of course, arriving at lake Baikal, you should not rely on the heavenly beaches and water, as fresh milk. This is the Siberian region with unpredictable weather, winds alone, there are about 30 species, but still Baikal in the number of Sunny days exceeds the Caucasus and many other resorts. You can find nice sandy beaches on Olkhon island and in Sandy bay, Chuvyrkulsky and Aya bays.


Trekking routes around the lake are very diverse. You can explore beautiful “Khamar-Daban” and “Baikalsky” mountain ranges with the highest peak of Chersky (2572 m).



Horses and quad bikes safaris through taiga to mountain waterfalls are also exciting during summer time.



However, the winter entertainments are no less attractive.

Baikal ice is a curious phenomenon. Its transparency is striking: it seems that you walk on a huge mirror. Throughout the lake, the thickness of the ice varies from 70 centimeters to 2 meters. Usually in the southern part of the lake ice lasts 4-4.5 months and in the Northern part — up to six months. Ice thickness of 50 cm can withstand, as a rule, weight up to 15 tons, so in the winter on the ice of Lake Baikal go by car.



Along the North-West coast and in the Small sea, snow-free clear ice is formed, through which the bottom can be seen in shallow water. You can even see flocks of fish flying under the thick but crystal clear ice. Ice fishing is one of the most popular types of entertainment in the winter Baikal.


On Lake Baikal there are several ski resorts: Baykalsky, Eastland, Mamay, Mountain of Bullish and Davan. The first resort is the largest and with the most developed infrastructure, it is located on the Sable mountain and consists of 12 tracks and 8 lifts. You can ride in this resort until May.


Amazing ice safaris on airboats, 4-wheel drive trucks and snowmobiles.


Welcome to Lake Baikal anytime!

Images (source): pixabay.com