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Song Kul lake - a must-see in Kyrgyzstan

Song Kul lake - a must-see in Kyrgyzstan

Alex 2 years ago
By Alex | Wednesday 6 December, 2017 6 December, 2017
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Not really far from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, you can find a place full of wild nature and see how real nomads live there. So, we pack our bags in the trunk of the van and start our journey. There are 4 mountain passes around the lake, so you can easily reach it in spite of you route around the country. Song Kul lake is situated in Naryn oblast in the mountains on 3050 meters above sea level, it means even during the summer season you need to bring along some warm clothes with you. 

We took one of the most beatiful passes "Moldo Ashuu". Gravel road lead us through the beatiful gorge higher and higher. Finally we reach the lake and the place to spend this night.... There are no hotels, motels and any kind of facilities - it's forbidden to build here. So we would spend the night in the Yurt. the traditional "home" of nomads made from wooden frame and covered with felt. 

Kyrgyz people are very hospitable, so it means you will not freeze during the night, they will give you as many blankets as you need. :) As I said it's 3050 above sea level. So usually it's about 0 Celsius degrees during the night. 

We survived.... and in the morning we saw a magnificent picture.... The lake surrounded by mountains and nothing higher.... Only the sky above.

This article could be longer, but I see no sense, because it's impossible to describe this feelings. This feeling of peace....no wires no cellphone no electricity.....feeling of unity....feeling of Love....

It s better to come and see with your own eyes!

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