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The challenges of Pamirian drivers

The challenges of Pamirian drivers

Sher 1 month ago
By Sher | Friday 22 November, 2019 22 November, 2019
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As you might already know the driving on Pamir Highway is not easy specifically the Wakhan Corridor and Bartang Valley as well as the road from Khorog to Kalay-Kumb.

Most of the Pamir Highway is either completely destroyed by the trucks or the asphalt never really been there. The "leftover" asphalts from Soviet period is what we have right now. The gravel "washboarding" roads with many rocks sticking out makes driving very difficult and dangerous for the cars technical well-being. I've seen many drivers stuck in the middle of nowhere when their vehicle got broke down and they had to wait for days and days for the help to come.

Moreover, the majority of the cars on Pamir Highway can easily break down since these vehicles are old and outdated. The brand new cars are very rare and a common man cannot afford himself one. To be a driver is the only means to feed their families for the vast majority of them, and therefore they deserve the money they are getting paid in full.