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Top 12 things to do in At-Bashy

Top 12 things to do in At-Bashy

Alex 16 days ago
By Alex | Sunday 11 November, 2018 11 November, 2018
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Top 12 things to do in At-Bashy!

The last frontier of Kyrgyzstan, At-Bashy in the Naryn Oblast. It's the last Kyrgyz outpost before China and well know for having a horsehead monument in the center of the city; let’s say that the nomadic roots are deep and strong here. I believe At-Bahsy is the last place where you can see true nomadic culture and people in Kyrgyzstan. It’s not a fancy place like Bishkek or Karakol it’s a 100% authentic Kyrgyz village surrounded by mountain peaks dotted with Yurt camps and deep roaring rivers. If your looking to get off the beaten path and become overwhelmed with local hospitality come to At-Bashy, become a nomad! Learn more about me by watching this film.

Animal Bazaar

Take a visit to one of Central Asia’s largest weekly bazaars located on the edge of the village positioned on the At-Bashy river. There are beautiful mountain backdrops and picturesque sights of local landscape surrounding the bazaar. See hundreds of sheep, horse, duck, turkey, donkey, goat, cows, and more. Do not miss this awesome opportunity to see how local Kyrgyz people live, eat, and drink! Sundays Only!

Time required: 1 hour

Local At-Bashy Historical Museum

A small, but simple museum that reflects the pride of At-Bashy regions’ artifacts and heroes. Admission is free, and is worth the look if you come by the center for a photo at the horse head! Museum is located adjacent to library, directly across from horse head.

Time required: 10 minutes. Stop here before anyone of your day trips in At Bashy!

Day Hike: “Chech de Beau”

“Chech de Beau” is a small sand hill on the edge of At-Bashy village. A Manas epic hero, Almanbet, is claimed to be buried here. You have the option to walk to the small mountain (approx. 45 min from bazaar) or hitch a taxi and jump off on the road entrance (this way is suggested if you want to save time; if you hire a taxi exclusively for Chech de Beau, the cost will be significantly greater). The walk from the road to base is 1.6 km. The total trek length is 2.6 km one way; approximately 5 km to top and back. The sights are incredible if you venture on a clear day; you can see surrounding villages, mountains, rivers. The work is worth the view if you have an afternoon in At-Bashy center!

Time required: Hired taxi (to and from): 1.5 hours. If walking from center (to and from): Approximately 5 hours. Stop here on your way to Koshoi Korgon and/or Tash Rabat!

Day Hike: “Bogushtour”

This is an amazing little day trek (Option for 2 or 3 days also!) that is located in a local village “Birinchi Mai” follows along gorgeous mountain river. The trek passes many local yurts that house families in their summer homes as they tend to livestock. You will see horses, and amazing views. If you are lucky, you will be invited at many stops to drink tea with local families!

Time required: One full day (1 hour to trail in taxi, 1.5 hours trekking up, .5-1 hour rest with local family in yurt, and 1.5 down totaling approximately 6 hours). Option to stay overnight in yurt and make 2 day stay; with horse backing, kumiz making, and traditional meals with families.

Koshoi Korgon: Historical Site & Mini Museum

“Koshoi Korgon” is a recognized site where “Manas Epic” hero “Koshoi” safe housed his entire village of people from enemies. The remains of the outlying wall of the village still stands and can be seen up close and personal. For an additional fee, you can enter the small (not very up kept or informative) museum and see a few artifacts that have been uncovered at the site. There is some information about artifacts, and a traditional yurt with materials on the upper floor. This is a great destination for a bike trip, or as a “pit stop” on your way to Tash Rabat!

Time Required: Bike trip (from At-Bashy 2.5 hr round trip bike plus .5 hour at site) 3-4 hrs. In taxi from At-Bashy (20 minutes) Stop here on your way to Tash Rabat (factor in additional 20 minutes) OR make it a bike destination!


If you have traversed down to At-Bashy region, one of your purposes is most likely to visit the UNESCO world heritage site, Tash Rabat. Hundreds of years ago, this was a safe haven for travelers making their way on the great Silk Road. If you have just one day in At-Bashy, take the trip to Tash Rabat. Find a taxi that will get you there and back in a few hours. Be sure to bring your camera as the mountain valley views are breath taking. There isn’t much information or else to do besides view this isolated once hotel. If you have more time, stay in a yurt camp!

Time Required: Taxi round trip: 1.5 hours, viewing .5 hours; totaling 2 hours.

Summer Pasture Views: Bosogo Visit

This is true summer Nomadic life in its finest form! If you wish to have pure peace and be one with nature, come to Bosogo. You can visit for an afternoon, ride a horse, trek around and explore the mountains and all the breathtaking views as well as photo opportunities they have to offer. Simply visit with a family in a yurt and spend time watching how they live!

Time Required: Taxi travel (round trip) 2 hours, plus at site time. This trip can be made into multiple days!


Handicraft Class: Kizil Tuu Village

Learn how to make your very own traditional Kyrgyz handicrafts with local village women! Come enjoy this amazing cultural opportunity and learn from local expert mothers on how to create your very own handicraft! Choose from making a small (1 square meter) floor rug or seat covering made from hand pressed wool, adorned in traditional Kyrgyz designs. You will go through majority of creation process (minus preparatory work of wool pressing and cleaning) in order to learn the unique and valuable skill of “Shyrdak” design. Relax and enjoy local traditional atmosphere and food while having a memory that will last a lifetime! Check out this fun film from At-Bashy

Time Required: Taxi from center approx. 30 minutes, average class length 5 hours, totaling 6 to 7 hours.

Handicraft Class or Traditional Performance: Ak Moion Village

On your way to Bosogo summer pasture, stop in village “Ak Moion” and see a real traditional Kyrgyz performance! There are games to play, performances such as traditional wedding viewings, and traditional foods to taste! Here you can also purchase from a wide array of traditional handicrafts, OR participate in a traditional handicraft making class!

Time Required: Taxi from center to village, approx. 30 minutes, average performance half hour, and handicraft class length depends on product creation.


Day Trek: Bash-Kaindae Waterfall

Visit a spectacular waterfall with amazing views! Time Required: Taxi from center to village, 20 minutes.


Day Trek: Ak Talla Summer Pasture

Come to the outskirts of village and relax! Trek up to a small water fall approximately 10 m tall and enjoy the views! The walk to the water is approximately 5km that can be done by horse or foot. This walk isn’t difficult and great for someone who wants to see local remote villages and true Kyrgyz life. This trek is considered to be in “jailoo”, summer pastures. Check it out!

Time Required: 30 minutes to village in taxi. Hike to views is 1.5 hours one way; approximately half hour with horse.


Bicycle Tour to “Koshoi Korgon”

Ride the Silk Road via bicycle! Get a great work out and see the amazing views of the Silk Road! The road is paved from center to village Kara Cuu where small museum “Koshoi Korgon” is located (10 minutes in village is unpaved road.) Road is slight incline to village with one large hill existing center village. See and experience the Silk Road via bicycle!

Time Required: Round trip to museum, approx. 3.5 hours (to- 1.5 hours, return-1hr)

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