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Top Reasons and Inspiration to visit Uzbekistan

Top Reasons and Inspiration to visit Uzbekistan

Beck 1 month ago
By Beck | Monday 5 February, 2018 5 February, 2018
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Why Uzbekistan?

The word Uzbekistan does not yet sound enough inspiring and if you ask people they may even not be aware that Samarkand is in Uzbekistan. Also, whatever is ending with ..stan lead people to somewhere like Afghanistan etc. But the things are changing and more and more people are now choosing Uzbekistan for their next trip and today, especially in Europe nearly every person knows someone who has already been to Uzbekistan and each of them confirm the originality of this destination.

Here we have prepared a short list of inspirations which can let you discover a little part of true Uzbekistan:


Khiva an Architectural Oasis in the Desert


People who have been to Khiva can confirm that that it is not just a city or museum but it is a real and rare jewel of Silk Road architecture. All its 250 monuments are protected by the state and the whole city has been classified as a part of World heritage by UNESCO. Just imagine visiting a tiny (26 hectares) city which has preserved 65 Madrassahs, over 70 Mosques, lots of mausoleums, high minarets, hundreds of domes etc. It can not be compared to Bukhara and Samarkand because they all have their own charm.


Medieval Architecture and Travel to the Past

The architecture of Uzbekistan must be one of the top factors which make the country a superb destination. While you will be visiting the country all the time you will be seeing the same things: madrasa,  mosque, minaret, mausoleum etc. but all of them are unique all of them take you to travel to different periods of the history of Uzbekistan. these turquoise tiles, thousand year old carved wooden columns, perfectly symmetrical portals altogether can just be called the Time Travel.


People and the Bazaars


For some travelers the type of the hotel or the restaurants chosen for dinners etc. may be the most important thing which makes the great journeys but Uzbekistan is a fantastic destination for people who want to experience something more. This is a place with very long history and the smiling faces of the local people tell you a lot of stories with their eyes. These people seem not to be aware of the problems of life in the world. They do not hurry to live. They take their time for enjoying everything they have around. But the bazaars of Uzbekistan are different. The bazaars are still colorful, smelling fresh fruits and spices, covered with the pleasant noise of life. Bazaars are the MUST to visit in Uzbekistan.


Safe and not Crowded Travel

Uzbekistan has started to improve its tourism sector after the Independence (1991) and within sort period of time by 2000s it started receiving more visitors every other year. Even if the country is already among top Cultural Silk Road Destination the country is vast and definitely rich in fabulous attractions which help it not get overcrowded. Even during high travel season you do not feel any rush for visiting something.

On internet one can find tons of information about travelers’ safety in Uzbekistan and we just tell you to ask about it any person who has been to Uzbekistan! We are sure that the next day you will start planning your tour to Uzbekistan!