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Traditional Kazakh Cuisine

Traditional Kazakh Cuisine

Rahat 3 days ago
By Rahat | Saturday 29 February, 2020 29 February, 2020
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Planing to visit Kazakhstan?  You might ask yourself, what to eat in the land of nomads? Let’s get today more into the local Kazakh cuisine and meet the country through food.

Kazakh people were nomads in the past, so food is based on traditional nomad cuisine. Because they traveled a lot, their food had to be simple to prepare. 

Traditional Kazakh cuisine is meat (lamb and horse) based on some dairy and bread/dough components, and milk products, though nowadays many other ingredients are common in the cuisine. Kazakh cuisine is usually not spicy. 

Because the weather is particularly challenging the food was, traditionally, very nutritious and contained a lot of fat to provide energy. 

The food is extremely tasty, although sometimes seem too oily or greasy to people who are not used to it. But everything is worth trying at least once:

  • Beshbarmak: The national dish of Kazakhstan means ‘five fingers’ referring to the fact that it is eaten by hand.

  • Kazy: a traditional sausage made of fattened horsemeat, the fat is very rich and nourishing.

  • Kurt: a cheese made from dehydrated sour cream. 

  • Kumiss and Shubat: Kumiss, fermented mares’ milk. Shubat is the camel’s milk equivalent to kumiss and is made in the same way. 

  • Baursak: these little balls of fried dough, they are similar to a savoury oliebol or doughnut.


Kazakh's are very hospitable people and enjoy hosting dinners. Come to Kazakhstan and enjoy food, lifestyle and beautiful country with us.