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Festival Dates in Turkmenistan - 2020

Festival Dates in Turkmenistan - 2020

Ati 16 hours ago
By Ati | Thursday 16 January, 2020 16 January, 2020
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This is the list of Festivals in Turkmenistan. For changes and additions, please email us.  


Turkmenistan in January 2018

Date Event/Holiday/Festival
1 January New Year
12 January Geok Tepe Memorial Day


Turkmenistan in February 2018

19 February State Flag Day of Turkmenistan
Location: Ashgabat
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It’s a pretty big thing in Turkmenistan, coming to a conclusion with a large spectacle in the Olympic Stadium in Ashgabat.


Turkmenistan in March 2018

8 March Turkmen Woman's Day
20 March Novruz
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The biggest festival of the year in Turkmenistan and Central Asia. It’s also International Women’s day in Turkmenistan, instead of 8 March elsewhere.


Turkmenistan in April 2018

23 April Turkmen Racing Horse Festival 2018
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Celebrates the famous Ahal Tekke horses from Turkmenistan. Horse races abound around the country. 


Turkmenistan in May 2018

8-9 May Remembrance and Victory Day
28 May Carpet Day 2018
Location: Ashgabat
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The Carpet Museum in Ashgabat will have exhibits of carpets, carpet-making and a concert.


Turkmenistan in June 2018

18 June Galla Bayramy 2018 (Wheat Harvest Festival)
26 June Oraza Bayram
The Feast of Sacrifice is the highest Islamic festival and is celebrated at the climax of the pilgrimage to Mecca. 
27 June Day of Turkmen Workers of Culture and Art 

Turkmenistan in July 2018

15 July Grain Day 2018
3rd Sunday of July. If the annual target of wheat harvest is (said to have been) met, this is a huge celebration. 


Turkmenistan in August 2018

13 August Turkmen Melon Day 2018


Turkmenistan in September 2018

2 September Kurban Bayram
The Feast of Sacrifice is the highest Islamic festival and is celebrated at the climax of the pilgrimage to Mecca.
9-10 September Days of Oil Workers and Bagshy
On Saturday, festivals, mostly in the major oil towns in Balkanabat, celebrate oil and gas workers’ contribution to the state.


Turkmenistan in October 2018

6 October Ashgabat Earthquake Remembrance Day
Location: Ashgabat 
Flowers are laid at the monuments in Ashgabat and Gypjak to commemorate the victims of the 1948 earthquake.
27 October Independence Day Turkmenistan
Location: Ashgabat
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The biggest celebration of the year. Ashgabat sees a parade, fireworks, concerts and more.


Turkmenistan in November 2018

4 November National Health Day
26 November Harvest Festival 2018


Turkmenistan in December 2018

3 December Good Neighborliness Day
12 December Day of Neutrality