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What do you know about "Buzkashi" game?

What do you know about "Buzkashi" game?

Zukhro 12 months ago
By Zukhro | Monday 5 February, 2018 5 February, 2018
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Buzkashi (kupkari, ulak; literally means “goat fetching”) is an ancient conventional equestrian game played on horseback in the Central Asia. Traditionally, Buzkashi is held in weddings, in spring, before the opening of the farming season, in autumn, after the harvest has been reaped and at holidays. The main goal of this game is to compete for carrying a goat or sheep carcass.

If we have a glance to the history of the game, The origins of the game are perhaps lost in history, but some believe it was invented as a defense against the hordes of Genghis Khan who were very adept at sweeping down on a village on horseback and grabbing precious sheep and goats and other pillage at a full gallop.

As for the rules, Buzkashi game requires adroitness, agility and acuteness from the equestrians; therefore they prepare for the game beforehand, carefully and choose a strong horse.  And the preparation of the horses also plays great role in Buzkashi, they do not only help their riders bring the carcass to the circle, but also protect it from the opponents.

So what does the winner get? The winner receives a valuable prize: it may be a camel, a horse, a bull, money and even cars, not to mention carpets. TV sets and other household articles. And, to be sure, the main reward is the reputation of the bravest and strongest man.