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7 Reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan in Winter

7 Reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan in Winter

Sergey 2 months ago
By Sergey | Tuesday 14 January, 2020 14 January, 2020
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Do you know what Kyrgyzstan can offer in winter? Imagine all mountains and fields are covered with snow and rivers are frozen; the surrounding area seems to fall asleep till the first days of spring. And nothing can be done besides cuddling up in warm blankets and drinking hot chocolate inside. BUT keep all this for older ages… : )  

What we offer are trips full of historic sites, beautiful scenery and winter activities that will take your breath away! Depending on your dates of travel you can visit such amazing places as Ala Archa and Chon Kemin gorges, make a trip around famous Issyk Kul lake, watch hunting with eagles, attempt to reach Son Kul lake through extreme roads, visit Tash Rabat caravanserai, ski in Tien Shan slopes and many others! See winter tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Winter tours in Kyrgyzstan


7 reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan in winter:

1) Ala Archa gorge is available just 40 km distance from Bishkek whole year round. It is the first base for alpinists to start expeditions to nearby 4,000 meters peaks in summer. But in winter it is possible to stroll along the main paved road inside of the gorge and enjoy the high mountains, pine trees around and murmuring crystal clear river streaming inside of the whole gorge.

2) Self-drive in winter in Kyrgyzstan is ideal for your adventurous vacations. You can visit all these places with your family or soul mate and feel the real freedom. Drink champagne on high passes, make picnic stop and amazing photos at beautiful views and reach unreachable and hidden places of Kyrgyzstan! We will be happy to give you reliable 4X4 cars and we will help you to make a perfect route!

3) If you do not have a lot of time to stay in Kyrgyzstan, there is a good chance to make a one-day trip to Chon Kemin gorge. Here you can ride a horse in the mountains, enjoy the panoramic view on top and through the forest and come down to a local family house. You will indulge into local culture while having lunch with them and have a great experience.

4) Legendary Issyk Kul! Tell me what is not already said about this amazing mountain lake that does not freeze in winter. It offers so many options for travelers including Semenovskoye, Grigorievskoye, Jeti Oguz gorges, and Skazka canyons, historic sites and museums.

5) Modern ski base "Karakol" is located in 7 km from the city of Karakol in Issyk-Kul region. During the Soviet times, it was used for training the Olympic team of the country. In 2004, the base was completely modernized. Today Karakol is an ideal place not only for training athletes but also for active recreation.

6) Hunting with the golden eagle is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Mongol conquest of Central Asia around the 12th and 13th centuries, when a fine eagle and good horse cost the same price and both lent prestige to their owner. Hunting with eagles is still practiced in certain regions of Kyrgyzstan and winter is the high season. You can visit Bokonbaevo village where you will meet the eagle hunter who practices in the 8th generation, watch the show and learn a lot about this extraordinary way of hunting.  

7) Son Kul lake located at the altitude of 3000 meters is definitely a must visit in Kyrgyzstan. In winter it can be quite challenging but really adventurous.
Surrounded by high mountain plateau, Son-Kul has no trees. The meadows are rich and therefore are used by shepherds from Kochkor, Naryn, and At-Bashi as summer pastures for their flocks. In winter there will be no one so that you will be mesmerized by frozen beauty of the lake and roads.

Dear traveler, if you are still thinking of how to spend your winter holidays, just make sure it is full of fun and adventure and make sure your destination is Kyrgyzstan!