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I am a travel manager and working in tourism since 2007. We are arranging tours in the country of nomads - Kyrgyzstan

We have our own Mountain cottage in beautiful Gorge Shamshy, just 2 hours driving from Bishkek. Here our dear guests can enjoy the beauty of the place, mountain fresh air, to learn about local shepherd's lifestyle and do horse riding and walking.  

Also, we can offer the best price for our own transports. We have VIP salon minibus Mercedes Sprinter of 18 seats with a driver, Subaru Forester 4 WD car for rent without a driver, 4 WD cars with a driver as well. 

Also, my family has a Farm in Shamshy Gorge from where we arrange Horse Tours towards Kol-Tor Lake, Son Kul lake and of cause day tours for Horse tour lovers. 

Travelling with us is a safe, comfortable and excellent guided journey in Kyrgyzstan! 

Let's enjoy the adventure in Kyrgyzstan togather!!! 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like travelling, horse riding in my picturesque Shamshy Gorge. I love my job in tourism

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 15

18 open listings

9 received reviews (100% positive, 9/9)


I spent a beautiful day in Kyrgyz countryside with Asel. It was perfect and exactly what I had been looking for just to get some better insight and understanding. I will plan to return for a longer customized stay in summer. Thank you!

Antje about listing Horse riding day trip 9 months ago.

Booking a trip with Asel was great - I messaged her on Thursday evening and everything was immediately organized and ready to go for Saturday morning. I spent two days in Issyk-Kul (drove from Bishkek Saturday morning and returned to the office Monday morning) - would highly recommend this for anyone looking to make the most of a weekend trip (although I would have happily spent weeks in Issyk Kul). Bakyt, Asel's husband, was an awesome driver and even better guide - I learned a lot about Kyrgyzstan and Issyk Kul. 10/10!!!

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It all went really well. We had a lovely experience

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We booked two services with Asel:

1. The 4 day trek to Kol Tor and

2. Car rental - subaru forester for 11 days

We also chose the extra option of a home stay that Asel provided for us for 15$/person/night.

You should know that Asel is extremely kind and talkative. She came to pick us up at the airport for free and helped us do some useful errands such as getting the local sim card, finding good exchange office etc. She was also very responsive on WhatsApp before and in the middle of our trip with the car. She gave us local tips as to what to see and where to spend the nights.

The trek really exceeded our expectations. The first two days are quite moderate in difficulty, but still interesting culturally and ethnically and we got to know Asel a lot better. The third day is really demanding, but we managed since our backpacks were on the horses. It is important to mention that the food was really good - Asel used to be a trekking cook and is very well capable of preparing a tasty cooked meal. Us being vegeterian was not a problem to her.

Needless to say the trek is marvelous. One is truly exhiliarated by the high mountain pass panoramic views and invigorated by the almost surreal turquise colour of Kol Tor.

We must point out, however, that for an average person, the trek is of significant difficulty to say the least. We are 19 years old and quite used to going to the mountains, but all agreed the trek was difficult, mainly because of the third day, in which we did about 1700 m altitude and 16 km horizontal distance, most of it above 3000 m.

We were also a bit unlucky, however. When the horses carried our backpacks, two of our backpacks got stuck into a branch by the road and got a bit torn. But it was not very bad.

All in all, the trek was well worth the price and we would surely recommend it even if you are an expirienced trekker who likes to do things on their own.

The homestay, in which we spent 4 nights all together is run by friendly sisters and is clean and homey.

As mentioned, we also rented a car with Asel - the pick up and drop off went smoothly and the car worked nicely. It is 4wd, so it got us through most of the rough Kyrgyz roads you may meet. For us, it proved worth the cost as we only used around 3000 som (~50 dollars) for fuel in the entire 11 days of traveling.

All things considered, it is evident that Asel is a trustworthy, reliable, communicative and adaptable person that made our whole Kyrgyzstan experience very safe and enjoyable. We believe anyone could have such an experience with the help of Asel.

Natan about listing Full service cost 12 months ago.
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thank you for your help in organizing the trip. Unfortunately, due to my wife's accident, I had to return to Poland very early. However, my group who stayed in Kyrgyzstan is happy with the trip, best regards


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Asel took great care of us. She told us funny and interesting things about the country and the people. The area of the horse riding was beautiful. The lunch was tasty and plentiful. And the horses are calm and easy to ride for a beginner.



This tour was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to have a beautiful adventure in Kyrgyzstan!! From start to finish, it was a perfect day (minus a bit of soreness when I got off the bus). More details below!

Этот тур был один из самих лучших опытов в своей жизни. Я очень сильно рекомендую этот тур с Аселей. Низкая цена, замечательные горы, прекрасны день. Подробности ниже!

This was a fantastic tour from beginning to end, and I could not recommend it more highly. From the beginning, Acel was accessible and communicative, and even though the numbers of my group changed several times she was very flexible and patient with us. She met us in Bishkek in a very comfortable, air conditioned bus. On the way there we stopped at Burana tower, which we were able to climb, and saw the small museum with a local guide. We then continued on to Shamshy gorge. My friends and I agreed that the drive was so beautiful it might have been worth it just by itself. When we got to the gorge we met our guide and horses. They placed us more or less by experience, with the two experienced riders getting some pretty zippy horses, and the less experienced riders on more reliable, if lazy horses. We had a huge range of experience in our group--one person literally taught horse riding lessons while another had only ever been on a pony ride--so we really appreciated that Asel could accommodate all the different levels. The ride itself was stunning and really couldn't have been any more pleasant or beautiful. We were riding through the mountains of the gorge, and also got to ride through fields where herds sheep, cows, and horses grazing The guide was quiet but very nice, and happy to help whenever we needed him. Lunch at the mountain hut was delicious, with huge portions of several national dishes, tea, soup, salad, and dessert. All the people we interacted with were really friendly, and the facilities were spotless and comfortable.

Again, everything about this day was wonderful and my group and I cannot thank Asel enough for the tour!

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I booked a day trip from Bishkek to the Shamshy gorge for some horseback riding. Asel was very communicative over the phone and WhatsApp while we were planning. Her associate Ilyas drove us there and back. He showed up on time (a bit early!), had a very comfortable car, shared interesting insights about Kyrgyzstan with us over lunch in fluent English, and was generally very relaxed about our itinerary and the timing of the trip.

The horseback riding itself was great. None of us were very experienced but the horses weren’t too difficult. We were treated to spectacular views and got to visit the yurt of the man who owns the horses.


Everything was great! Super veggie lunch.

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