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My skills, interests, and hobbies: driving, traveling, trekking

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

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I try to write my Feedback as objective as it's possible and try to explain why I have drawn it as negative.


Few months I started looking for a driver with a car in Kyrgyzstan. For 6 persons. I didn't want to do that through a "travel agency" but directly by one driver.

So, I thought that If someone applies here as a driver and I decide for him, I will also travel with him.

Because of them I wrote also the rating of other travelers.

Another important thing was, that the driver speaks English. In the school I learned Russian language ( but it was about 30 years ago ), but I can still use it.

Because we traveled together to 6th persons our idea was, that we all can speaking with them driver and not only me....


The first day Askat sent us from Bishkek to Kochkor by one taxi. As we arrived to Kochkor, we met him and he talked us that our driver comes in a few minutes.

In these moment was clear for me, that he will not drive with us.... and that actually we booked one driver by his tour office....

We booked a driver ( Askat ) who spoke English, but our spoke only Russian. So, in the end only I could talk with him.

I can't write any feedback about Askat- driver , because he didn't drive with us, although we ordered him...

And it's not the place to write about his travel office....

Another question is:

What's the point in reading the opinion about the driver, since he sends me with another one... ???

Stanislaw about listing Driver with car in Kochkor 2 years ago.

Askat is an excellent driver and guide. He was very helpful and patient with our many questions and requests. He has amazing english and a fun personality. I highly recommend him for your tour group!


We had a beautiful, adventurous three-day horseback riding tour by Lake Söng Köl, camping at two different Yurt stays - one night with a family and the next one in bigger camp. Though our guide did not speak much English, he provided all the necessary help and guidance along the way, and we felt that the price was very reasonable for a full three day trip.

Highly recommended!


Askat has done all what we have agreed during the reservation of the services.

I have visited what I had planned and much more.

I have spent 3 days with a guide and a driver in a good car.

I recommend Askat for all that want to have a car with driver. In my case I have visited Song-Kol, Tash Rabat and Tamga thanks to his help, but programs and destinations are totally customizable.

Juri about listing Driver with car in Kochkor 3 years ago.

I travelled a lot and askat is not the best guide.(the driver was really nice!!)

Askat doesn't care about his guests, when we did a hike he walked a kilometer before us and didn't asked once if everything was okay.

The driver helped us crossing the river, climbing the mountain and askat didn't look back and kept walking.

When we ate at a restaurant or at the yurts, he just dissappeared when he was ready with his meal and didn't tell us where he was going. the driver always stayed with us.

Askat almost told us nothing, i think the money is the main thing that he is interested in. He asks way too much money for what he is doing and we still had to pay for our own food and sleeping place.

The task of a guide is looking after his guests, make sure they have a good time, stay with them on hikes, asks if everything is going good,help them,. ..

And askat doesn't do a single one of those mentioned above.

We were really happy that we had a nice driver!

Ps: tash rabat region and lake kel suu is really beautiful

Tara and lars

tara about listing Discover Tash-Rabat and Kel-Suu lake 3 years ago.

Our experience with the Kyrgyzstan nomads was fantastic. The scenery is idyllic and the family who received us was very welcoming.

Askat also helped us negotiate the transportation back to Bishkek and everything. We really apreciatted. :)

However, the guide we were given could not communicate in English.

Cláudia about listing 3 days horse trek to Kol-Ukok 3 years ago.

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