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Issykkul lake. Tent on a lake shoreWe are the team of guides and drivers in Kyrgyzstan, we love what we do and we enjoy our job! 

Hospitality, professionalism, good mood and positive emotions are our theme!

Our cars are Honda odyssey - Business class with Air conditioner - 7 seat- a lots of space and comfort, Subaru impresa 4x4, nissan tino, toyota funcargo, 4x4 Toyota 4runner)

  • Used to be a foreign exchange student in USA.
  • Love to travel 
  • Know the history of my country, legends, stories etc.
  • Passed the professiinal tranings on first aid. So the safety is very important in our tours
  • I have a great team of nice people who loves their job, knows how to present our country and what to show )))
  • 27 year old man, married, teacher of law at Alatoo University, study Phd on international law.




My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travel, adventure, law, gym, cars, trekking,hiking, horse riding, judo, films, music, camping etc...

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

16 open listings

19 received reviews (89% positive, 17/19)


Everthing went so well and we are really happy exploring kyrgysztan.. Atai and his partner, meder such a wonderful person.. We are really happy to choose them as our tour guide.. Highly recommended and once we come back to kyrgysztan, definately we will require their service.. They know really well all the place in kyrgysztan.. Besides, they gives best price for us with additional discount.. Really enjoyed 8days staying in kyrgysztan

nor_azaniza about listing Nor azaniza 9 months ago.
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Just back from our adventure in Kyrgyzstan. We were so happy during our tour with Atai and Meder. Even when we faced some inconvenients regarding the weather in Song kul, Meder managed to find the best solution. We enjoyed a lot our stay in Kyrgyzstan!

Carlos about listing Kyrgyzstan Tour 4 days - 2 people 10 months ago.


We just got back home from a wonderful adventure in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Atai.

We spent 5 nights in Kyrgyzstan and during the short stay, we managed to see everything we had wanted. We visited Bishkek, Burana tower, Song kol lake and Issyk Kul region. He also managed to arrange for us the climb to Ala Kol lake, even though some said that its season was already over.

We can't thank you enough Atai.

We loved it.


Sue and friends from Malta


I had a few hours to kill and it was very useful to have Atai to show me around Bishkek. He is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

glenn about listing Car & Guide around Bishkek 11 months ago.

I’ve traveled to more than 50 countries. And on this trip, everything was perfect! My driver was Kanybek. I wish every country had someone like Kanybek! I haven’t met such a genuine and nice person while traveling in a long time. I spent 4 nights and 5 days in Kyrgyzstan. Since having a private shower and a private bathroom is a must for me, staying in a yurt was out of the question for me. However, I saw and took plenty of pictures of yurts :) I stayed in Orion hotel in Bishkek which, in my opinion, is the best hotel in Bishkek. And in

Karakol, I stayed in Karagat hotel. From the very beginning, Atai was responsive and patient with all my requests and questions. I changed my mind and itinerary many times and Atai adjusted accordingly without any problems. In the end, I took Atai’s and Kanybek’s suggestions what to see and where to go, and I’m glad I listened to them. Many places, although they look nice in photos, are unreachable or are not as green at this time of the year. I saw Al Archa, Allamedin, and a very beautiful “Valley of the Flowers” near Karakol where I did horse back riding and took photos with an eagle dressed. A big highlight of the trip was when Kanybek surprised me with a barbecue in Al Archa. He made the most delicious lamb “shashlyk” right next to the river. I also liked all the restaurants that Kanybek chose for me. He took me to the mall to get the SIM card. He took me to fruit market to buy apricots and then helped me find the box and plastic so I can package them. If I made a wish, he made it happen. I also visited the Mosque in Bishkek and an Orthodox Church and Mosque in Karakol.

I’ve seen a lot of drivers and tour guides throughout the years, and I can honestly say that this road trip was the best I’ve ever had.

Before I went to Kyrgyzstan, I corresponded with over 20 guides, and I am very glad that I chose Atai’s company and Kanybek as my driver.

agla about listing Tour for 2 persons 11 months ago.
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kien kok

Great experience with Atai’s group, with minor hiccups.

Kyrgyzstan is still an under developed tourist attraction, anyone who visit shouldn’t expect perfect 5 stars service from the them, but do visit with an open mind, there’s plenty to offer.

Our group contact Atai after our original tour guide from CBT keep adding cost last minutes until it reaches an unacceptable level, we gave a rough itinerary to Atai, he added in suggestion and everything set within a week time inclusive of needed visa, just before our flight.

6 of us reach Kyrgyz on August 6th, 2 cars is there to welcome us, and while another member who supposed to join us experience flight delayed, Atai’s group decided to send us to Karakol on the next morning as per the itinerary and prepare another car to fetch the member.

Hiccup occur again as the family of one the guide pass away and there will be a switch of guide for Ala-kul hike, group was adjusting fast and getting our supplies in Dohdoy market, albeit the smaller tent. We enjoy the Fairytale Canyon and Jetty Oguz along the journey, and reaches Nice Hotel to rest before our hike.

The hike of Ala-kul to Altyn Arashan was phenomenal, it’s breathtaking (physically as well so do prepare for it :) ).

Along the way we met a hong kong couple, who complain their own porter asking themselves to carry their own food and water, and they don’t even have a place to sleep in when they reach the camp before Ala-kul, that says a lot about the maturity of the tourism in Kyrgyz, do spend more time asking and communicate in order to get things right.

Do prepare proper water filtration as the water in Ala-kul might not suitable for everyone, 4 of us get vomit and diarrhea for days after the hike, Atai’s group send emergency doctor to visit us and get medicines for us from the pharmacy, and they are really flexible to alter the timing so everyone is comfortable.

We visit Issy-Kul and Song-Kul after that, the yurt camp that Atai chose wasn’t the most fancy nor new, but it’s the most authentic yurt we get to experience, with the old lady hosting us, we get to try the authentic cooking of the nomad and the old lady even shared her remedy to cure the sickness, which is an experience that money can’t buy.

After Song-Kul is the suggestion from Atai, the ultimate Kel-Suu, we rode horses from the yurt camp pass the beautiful Kok Kiya valley and reach Kel-Suu lake, the journey was just amazing.

All in all the experience is good, with room for improvement, if time rewind, we would communicate to Atai’s group on our request for hot food during the cold mountain range, and to give us more information on the hike for our own preparation, and we will also insist of clean water supply to us, at least a liter a person everyday.

Do communicate with the group, they are very accommodating to reasonable request.

A plus point to add is the knowledge of Atai about the history of the country, we would’ve missed the information if he did not explain to us, every monument in the city symbolizes a meaning to the country.

If we were to revisit Kyrgyzstan, we would give the group a call.

kien kok about listing Kyrgyz 10 Days 6 person Trip 11 months ago.

Atai has an amazing skill in managing when problem occurs in the middle of the trip. There was one destination i really wanted to go and I almost failed to participate in first part of itinerary because of the delay of the flight. But Atai managed to change the plan and I ended up reached that place. I really appreciate it.

However, in case of food, I think there would be a room for improvement. We really enjoyed a lot of food such as nanny’s local meals but 30% of meals were quite disappointing (sandwich, cup noodle).

Overall, I was satisfied with the tour and I recommend Atai. I was lucky to have him as a guide, who has good communication skill and flexibility.

solmi about listing Kyrgyzstan 7 days custom tour 11 months ago.

Went to places I couldn't believe existed. Thank you for making it possible.

Miklos about listing July 14-22 Photo deal 11 months ago.

So everything with the booking process through Indy guide went smoothly and Atai was very quick to respond and his English is very good. He is enthusiastic and knows a lot about the Country.

However Atai has a group of people working for him and will generally pass you on to these guides so please note if you think you are booking to have Atai as your guide you will probably not.

Unfortunately his other staff are not quite up to the mark as tour guides with quite poor English and zero experience. That being said their driving was very good for most part and I felt very safe but lack of communication between each of them was a big problem and ruined some of the tour for me. The cars were also constantly breaking down and I guess they should have been a bit more quality considering the rough terrain we had to get through.

There were some unfortunate events on the trip and the organisation into sorting them out was poor and there wasn't a satisfactory response from Atai to deal with them. I was left with 2 of his friends for the last night, I guess he must have run out of guides!!

All in all Kyrgyzstan is absolutely beautiful and I would highly recommend the Country.

Hopefully Atai and his team will learn from their mistakes or I am afraid something more serious could happen in their care due to lack of experience.

Ange about listing Ange Moseley 6th-10th Aug 11 months ago.

Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country with lots to offer, like yurt stays, horse riding and lake swimming, all of which you can do on a tour with Atai, but it's important to be aware of a few things.

When you book with Atai, you are actually booking with his company, not with him, but we were not told before the trip began that he would not be our guide. I presume Atai is a great guide but his colleagues are not up to the same standard and are not even professional tour guides; this can greatly affect the quality of your tour.

Our trip suffered from a lot of very poor planning and consistent underestimation of travel time by the guides, to the point that a huge amount of activity time was lost in transit. Atai tried personally to rectify this on the final day but further mistakes were made, to the point where we arrived at our hotel at 1am after saying we wanted to be there by 9pm.

I understand that this is a young company and hopefully they can learn from the mistakes that were made on this tour. I would also recommend Atai take a bit more responsibility to actually fix the problem when plans go so far off the mark, rather than provide excuses about problems on other tours which were irrelevant to us as customers.

All the guys are very nice, the driver was excellent and I wish them all the best with their business, but while we got to do some amazing things on this trip, we spent a lot of the time very frustrated. The Kyrgyz tourism industry is still in its early stages of development but when you pay high prices you expect high standards.

Eoin about listing The "Cool but more expensive tour" 11 months ago.

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